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AN Wallis Lightning Protection

Air Rods


Air Rod Saddles

Side Mounting Air Rod Brackets


DC Clips

Tape Clips

Slate Holdfasts

Universal Welding Solvent,
Cleaning Solution &
Surface Primer

Glazing Bar Holdfasts

Back Plate Holdfasts


Bimetallic Connectors

'B' Bonds

Watermain Pipe Bond

Rainwater Pipe Bond

Conductor Clips

Solid Circular to Tape Connectors

Pyramid Holdfast

Circular Conductor Shoes

Cable Shoes

Cable Clips

Universal Cable Connectors

Cable to Tape Connectors

Strike Pads

Interceptor Plates

Oxide Inhibiting Compound

Puddle Flanges

Wallis Sealing Tape


Bitumen Felt Roll

Green & Yellow PVC Insulating Tape

Tinmans Solder


Free-Standing Air Terminals

Free-Standing Air
Terminal Supports

Concrete Bases

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