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Astell Compact Autoclaves

33, 43 & 63 Litres

Ideal for most laboratory applications including sterilization of Liquids (Media), Discard, Glassware, and Laboratory Instruments.

The Classic Version requires manual water-fill; during the cycle condensate leaves the vessel via a silicone tube that can be connected to a heat-resistant bottle.

The Autofill Version has an integral reservoir. Once filled, this provides water for up to 15 cycles, and also acts as a collection vessel for condensate and the water that is automatically returned from the chamber at the end of each cycle.

Standard Features

  5.7" Full Colour Touchscreen
  PLC Controller
  Internal Base Shelf
  Data Archive
  Timed (Delayed) Start
  Electro-Polished Chamber
  Validation Port
  Media Holdwarm
  Cooling Lock
  Over-Temperature Protection
  Safety Valve Test Program
  Pressure Gauge
  5 Password Levels
  Multi Program
  Pulsed Heat Drying (Autofill Version)
  Timed/Pulsed Free Steaming



Data Sheet

High Resolution

The new Logi control system

The New Logi control systems are an advance in sterilization control technology, bringing together years of unrivalled experience, to produce a user friendly, fully automatic control system, to meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding laboratories and centres of sterilization.

The controller consists of a wipe clean touch screen measuring 122mm x 94mm and is based on an industrial PLC controller, combined with a number of analogue and digital input/output modules. The controller software has been developed by Astell for the precision control of autoclaves.

  Full Colour Touch Screen
  Icon Driven
  Password Protected Security System
  Multiple Access Levels
  Simple Cycle Selection
  Optional RS232 Interface / Port allowing connection to other peripheral devices such as a printer
  Operator Interface
  Enables continual monitoring
  Individual analogue channels are displayed
  Temperature / Pressure etc
  Continuous Data Archiving
  Self-Help Tutoria

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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