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Bauer Compact Line - Junior II and Oceanus

The ultra-compact transportable breathing air compressors

COMPACT LINE - The mobile breathing air compressors for high demands by Bauer Compressors. Due to its legendary reliability under the toughest conditions combined with its low weight and an excellent price-quality ratio the OCEANUS and the "Little Brother" JUNIOR II are bestsellers worldwide. They utilize the convincing B-TIMER, the minicomputer which controls the cartridge change and its maintenance intervals.


As suggested they are durable, long-life compressor blocks using tempered cylinders. A newly developed high-tech piston rings of synthetic material offering outstanding life to the values. Stainless steel UNIMAM filling hose with swivelling outlet, fitted with safety filling connectors and integrated link protection. Lightweight fan and pulley protection made of unbreakable UV-resistant special plastic. This improves the cool air flow for increased compressor efficiency.


Certified under the GS-sign after observation of all relevant safety regulations. Movable parts such as the v-belt, pulley and fan have optimal protection. B-TIMER to indicate the necessary filter cartridge change and its unit service intervals. Safety valves sealed to maximizing the operating safety, after each compressor stage.


  JUNIOR II-B 4-stroke-petrol
  JUNIOR II-E 3-phase
  JUNIOR II-W single phase
  OCEANUS-B 4-stroke-petrol
  OCEANUS-E 3-phase
  OCEANUS-W single phase




The JUNIOR II is a global classic with more than 100,000 units sold owing to its toughness and reliability. The light weight and compact unit is portable breathing air in accordance to DIN EN ISO 120211 The JUNIOR II is a product based on more than 65 years of experience and stringent BAUER Quality Management.


OCEANUS delivers outstanding performance with dimensions almost identical to JUNIOR II and only a little heavier in weight. The speed of filling one breathing air cylinder is around 40 % faster in the OCEANUS when compared with the JUNIOR II OCEANUS is designed for use in vessels, diving boats and expeditions. The use of stainless steel for its frame and Kevlar for the filling device ensures excellent resistance from corrosion. The light weight and compact unit is portable by a single person and fits in almost every trunk. The large capacity of the oil pump allows operation in extreme inclinations of up to 30 degree (motor with combustion engine up to 20 degree).

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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Compact Line - Junior II and Oceanus

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