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Bauer Mini-Verticus III

The supersilent complete station

  150 - 250 l/min
  225 / 330 bar

The new MINI-VERTICUS III: A newly designed field-proven system concept that sets standards in technology and ergonomics.

The ideal partner for diving centers and diving shops, who expect reliable and long-life use coupled with low operating expenses. Rapid spare parts supply and service guarantee a successful diving season - worldwide. The patented P41 purification system guarantees purest breathing air quality acc. to DIN EN 12021.


Trouble-free continuous running even in the most difficult climatic conditions thanks to its optimum cooling system.

  The cooling air is conducted through the housing to achieve effective heat elimination.
  Fanwheel with optimized blade geometry generates more pressure for improved cooling power.
  Oil cooling in the final compression stage for minimal wear and tear and for a longer life.


Highest economic efficiency due to the gearing of the compressor blocks which is made for extreme working stress and continuous running.

  Long-life, robust industrial roller bearings with minimum friction.
  Hardened cylinders with special honing technique for minimal oil consumption and wear.
  Robust low pressure oil pump with oil filter for longer life and oil change intervals.
  New powerful intake filter for greater delivery capacity and silent operation.
  Interstage and afterstage coolers made of stainless steel against corrosion.
  Virtually wear and tear-free high-tech polymer piston rings in the last stage.




P41-Filter system with extended filter life offers increased economical advantages.

  Superior BAUER filter technology guarantees ultrapure breathing air conforming to DIN EN 12021.
  The patented SECURUS filter monitoring system (optional ) continually checks the humidity in the air and automatically switches off when the filter is saturated - now integrated in the operating panel, making it even easier to control!


Thanks to compact dimensions, ergonomic design and a maintenance-friendly system.

  Condensate reservoir integrated in the front of the housing for fast disposal and easy control.
  Free access to compressor block, air filter and oil inlet connection simplify maintenance work.


Thanks to its efficiently insulated "silent housing", it operates at 68 dB(A)*.

  Highly absorbent special insulation materials.
  Housing designed to optimize sound reduction.


  MV 100-4-3
  MV 120-4-3
  MV 120-4-3

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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