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Bauer PE 200-300 Poseidon Edition

Pure Power, best price

  200 - 300 l/min
  225 / 330 bar

Our new POSEIDON EDITION stands for an excellent price/performance ratio at very high quality. This unit range has been developed for reliable operation combining proven core components from BAUER with a simple and robust chassis.

Units of the ranges TE and HE combine a particularly compact construction with high F.A.D.s.


  Transportable, for mobile applications.
  The PE 200 / 250-TE/TB models offer the optimum weight / price ratio. Owing to their compact construction, the plants are easy to transport and to load onto vehicles.
  The oil pump allows inclinations up to 15°, therefore making these models most suitable for use on board of ships.




  Horizontal design, for a space-saving installation. The PE 250 / 300-HE horizontal models are by far the most compact high pressure breathing air compressors in their class.
  Owing to the space-saving arrangement of block and drive, the HE range requires a minimum of floor space in spite of its high throughputs.
  The standard version comes already equipped with automatic condensate drain and easy-to-use control.


  PE 200-TE
  PE 250-TE
  PE 300-TE
  PE 250-HE
  PE 300-HE

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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