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Bauer PROFI-Line II

Portable compressors for toughest operations

  140 - 320 l/min
  225 / 330 bar

The PROFI-LINE II- State of the Art - when referring to toughness and equipment.

Corrosion-resistant components allow smooth operation even under toughest climatical conditions. The newly developed blocks are the heart of the package, which was made for extremely tough continuous operation. An optional accessories programme allows the customer to tailor the compressor to meet their particular needs. The hightech-P-filter systems guarantee purest breathing air acc. to DIN EN 12021.


The driving gear is suitable for short running as well as continuous operation. The 4 stage construction and the heavy duty industrial roller bearings guarantee maximum lifetime for all professional applications. The first stage and the high pressure final stage are equipped with high-tech polymer piston rings, which proved their outstanding wear and tear properties in several endurance tests in an independent Quality Inspection Centre. The maintenance-free low pressure oil pump guarantees reliable lubrication.




A newly developed, supra-light aluminium chassis guarantees the best protection against corrosion! Interstage and afterstage coolers made of stainless steel resist the toughest climatical conditions. The vibration reducing construction of the motor rocker stands for smooth compressor operation as well as self-tensioning of the v-belt.


A filter cartridge of the SUPER-TRIPLEX P31 fills up to 230 diving cylinders*. Optional for MARINER: P41 filter system for up to 530 diving cylinder fillings (10 liter diving cylinder at 20°C ambient temperature and 200 bar)


  CAPITANO 140 - For professional applications, where toughness, compactness and weight is of importance. (CAPITANO 140-B & CAPITANO 140-E)
  MARINER 200 - With 200 l/min. it is the most versatile among the units of the PROFI-LINE II. Crash frame in series. (Mariner 200-B & Mariner 200-E)
  MARINER 250 - Even more performance and equipped with the SUPER TRIPLEX P 31 in series. (Mariner 250-B & Mariner 250-E)
  MARINER 320 - With 320 l/min, the MARINE R 320 is the most powerful portable compressor worldwide! (Mariner 320-B & Mariner 320-E)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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