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Casella Measurement CEL-632 & CEL-633 Digital Sound Level Meters

  Ideal for environmental or occupational monitoring
  Easy to use switch-on-and-go functionality
  Latest digital technology with a high resolution colour TFT display
  Pre-configured setups for occupational and environmental measurements
  Voice notes to annotate measurements
  Single measurement range up to 140dB, no range adjustment required
  Data markers, back erase function and audio recording
  Level triggered events for transient measurements
  Real-time octave & 1/3 octave measurements
  Simultaneous measurement of all parameters with all frequency and time weightings
  Class 1 or Class 2 models available
  2GB memory for more than 1 year of data storage
  Removable pre-amp
  Environmental outdoor kit available

Occupational Noise Measurement:

  Workplace noise assessments according to ISO9612
  Selection of hearing protection
  Calculation of noise exposure
  Ensuring compliance with workplace noise legislation

Environmental Noise Measurement:

  Boundary noise assessments
  Noise nuisance complaints
  Measurements according to ISO1996, BS4142
  UK Construction Section 61 notices

For Occupational Noise

  Simultaneous measurements of all workplace noise parameters
  Standard setups for workplace noise legislation
  Measures parameters for hearing protection selection by the SNR, HML and octave band method
  Analyse time history of noise levels
  Optional high range microphone, up to 165dB

The 63X Series is designed to make workplace noise measurements as quick and simple as possible. The displayed information can be made as simple or comprehensive as required and all measurement parameters are stored simultaneously, so no incorrect measurements can be made.

When the unit is calibrated with the 120 calibrator, the calibration dates and times are stored and downloaded to Casella insight software, validating the accuracy of measurements.

Average, peak, and octave band measurements are performed at the same time, so only one measurement needs to be made for all workplace noise applications.

Data Sheet

For Environmental Noise

  Simultaneous broadband and frequency measurement
  Data markers
  Back erase function
  Real-time frequency analysis
  Single measurement range
  Triggered 'event' capture

Data can be marked to signify any significant events, the data from which can be removed afterwards in insight software.

Up to 60 hours of audio files can be stored, commonly used for noise source identification. Stored audio can be played back on the instrument using headphones or downloaded to Casella insight software.

For unattended monitoring, event mode (CEL-633) allows trigger levels (dB) to be set, so additional data (e.g. Leq, Lmax) is stored together with the audio file for later analysis, as well as a profiles down to 10ms intervals.

An environmental noise monitoring kit is available which protects the instrument and microphone from the weather and allows unattended monitoring for up 10 days.


CEL-6840 Standard kit case*
196030C Executive kit case**
CEL-251 Microphone Class 1*
CEL-252 Microphone Class 2*
CEL-120/1 Acoustic Calibrator Class 1**
CEL-120/2 Acoustic Calibrator Class 2**
PC18 Universal power supply
CMC51 USB download cable*
CEL-6718 Lightweight tripod
CMC73 Portable printer kit (fits in 196030 kit case)
196137B Printer cable
MIC1 High range microphone (to 165dB)
MPA1 High range microphone adaptor (for use with MIC1)

* included with instrument
** included with instrument kit (with CEL-63XY/K1 where 'X' and 'Y' represent the model numbers)

Casella Measurement is now known just as Casella.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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