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Drager Oxy K Pro

Oxy K pro is a breathing apparatus for short duration operation, independent of the ambient air, which uses chemically bound oxygen.

Oxy K pro is intended for use on one single occasion in areas where either smoke, toxic gases or a lack of oxygen is in the environment, or where there is a mixture of hydrogen and air or methane and air.


  Face and eye protection to guard against smoke and heat.
  Verbal communication possible.
  Easy to put on and to breathe in.
  Immediate oxygen supply through starter.
  10 years without lifetime extension for units held in stock.
  Readiness for use immediately visible from the outside through the service indicator.
  Warning device in the field of vision, which signals to wearer when 2/3rds of operating time has elapsed that escape must commence.
  Electrically conductive housing.
  CE approval (DIN 58652-1).
  Suitable for temperatures up to class T 4.
  ATEX, protection classes: EEx ia I.


EEx ia II CT 4, Typ Ex. Disposal of damaged, opened, used or expired Oxy K units.

Drager Oxy K pro - another quality product from Drager Safety.


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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