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Drager Pac 3000 (CO, H2S or O2)

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Pac 3500.

Personal Monitoring in work places with Drager Pac 3000, the innovative single gas instrument, ensures reliable monitoring of ambient air and fast warnings against harmful concentrations of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide or oxygen.

Drager Pac 3000 can be used for over 2 years maintenance-free.

Small and robust

The small and ergonomic instrument is covered with a rubber housing and meets the requirements of IP 65. Size and weight of Drager Pac 5000 are perfect for personal monitoring. An alligator clip provides secure attachment of the unit to the wearer.

Easy to use

The two-button-operation is intuitive and can be locked to avoid misuse. An easy to change lithium battery powers the instrument. The IR interface means configuration and calibrations are easy to perform.


The large and language-free display indicates the actual concentration during alarm, notice and warning functions, and the remaining operating time. The display has a strong backlight.

New sensor technology

The new Drager XXS sensors react rapidly using very fast electro-chemical reaction times and a very short diffusion path.

Bump test mode

The instrument is equipped with a bump test mode. The bump test adjustments are activated using the PC software, Pac Vision or CC Vision. The bump test can be performed manually or automatically. A Bump Test Station is available. If the bump test is required a notice will be indicated in the display. The bump test period can be adjusted by the user.

Adjustable operating timer

With this function an individual operating period in days can be set, e. g. to adjust a "calibration due date", an "inspection due date", or a special "out of order date". The adjustment can be done by PC with installed software Pac Vision or CC Vision.

Alarm / warning functions

The instrument is equipped with a vibrating alarm, an acoustic alarm and optical alarm. For optimal alarm notification, a two-tonealarm is used. Additionally, before the end of the instrument's useful life and before the end of the battery capacity, a warning will also occur. Depending on the selected configuration the pre- or main-alarm can be acknowledged.

Calibration and configuration

For calibration or individual configuration of all functions, the Drager Pac 3000 is connected to a PC using the connecting cradle or the E-Cal System.


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