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Drager Parat 3100 Filter Escape Device

Particularly people working in chemical and petrochemical production plants may be at risk from sudden and unexpected gas hazards. If such hazards do occur, instant protection is essential.

Drager PARAT 3100 protects the respiratory tracts for at least 15 minutes, giving you the chance to escape from harmful gases. This escape device is easy to use and compact in design. Even untrained people are able to don Drager PARAT 3100 (halfmask) easily.


  Half mask with 2-point harness - Quick donning even for untrained people
  Mouth piece assembly - For the least leakage possible
  ABEK Filter - Protection against a wide range of toxic gases an vapours
  Robust, handy case - even for rough handling usage
  Transparent cover with mounting clip - to carry the device on a belt or frontpocket

Technical Data

  Filter performance - gasfilter against organic and anorganic gases and vapours ABEK 15 in accordance to DIN 58647 part 7
  Duration of use - at least 15 minutes
  Shelf life - 4 years free of service, filterxchange every 4 years, total shelf life 12 years
  Weight - PARAT 3100 approx. 360g
  Dimensions - PARAT 3100 170 x 110 x 90 mm (L x W x H)
  Approval CE mark 0158 in accordance to DIN 58847 part 7

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

PARAT 3100 (Halfmask with ABEK 15 filter) - R56311
Upgrade Kits PARAT 1 to PARAT 3100 (without filter) - R56324
Carrying Strap, white - R28175
Sparefilters ABEK 15 (PU 5 pc.) - R56350
PARAT 3000 security tag, 50 pieces each - R56355


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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