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Drager Parat 4500 Industrial Escape Hood

Where hazardous substances exist in your workplace, you can never entirely rule out the possibility of these substances leaking out into the air. However, with the correct safety precautions, including the use of the Drager PARAT® 4500, you can escape safely.

Equipped with a highly efficient combination filter the Drager PARAT 4500 Industrial Escape Hoods give you a minimum of 15 minutes escape protection against toxic industrial gases, fumes, and particles - helping you to escape to safety.

The Drager PARAT 4500 hood protects the entire head from toxic gases and dusts and ensures a safe escape also for bearded users and spectacle wearers.

In an escape situation there is no time for blurred vision. The Drager PARAT 4500's wide, anti-fog coated visor keeps vision clear during an escape.

According to your application you can choose from three different packaging options of the Drager PARAT 4500: the soft pack easy to carry along, the traveller pack in a well-protected plastic case and the heavy-duty box tried and tested in heavy industry.


  Highly visible hood in a universal size with a flexible neck seal
  Wide, anti-fog coated visor for a clear view during an escape
  Highly efficient ABEK-P15 filter: protects from toxic industrial gases, fumes and particles
  Three different packaging variations - the right option for every environment

Data Sheet

The Parat 4500 with the ABEK filter is suitable for H2S.

Ordering Information

Drager PARAT 4520 Soft-Pack, in a handy travel case R57977

Drager PARAT 4530 Traveller-Pack, in a plastic case R57979

Drager PARAT 4560 Box R57980

Drager PARAT Training hood R54105

Spare parts kit Drager PARAT 4500 (includes ABEK-P15 replacement filter and exhalation valve) R57978

Wall holder for Drager PARAT 4530 Traveller-Pack R51906

Carrying harness for Drager PARAT 4500 Traveller-Pack and Soft-Pack R53205

Shoulder strap to go with harness (R 53 205) R53783

Waist belt for use with carrying harness (R53205) R53026

Hip belt for use with Drager PARAT 4560 Box 6733934


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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