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Drager Parat C Escape Hood

It is dangerous fire gases and not, as is often assumed, the flames themselves which are responsible for around 85% of fire victims. What is more, many of those rescued from fires suffer from the after-effects of smoke poisoning.

In addition to odourless carbon monoxide, respiratory poisons like hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen chloride are also present in smoke.

For this reason, effective protection against the inhalation of respiratory poisons when fires occur is a matter of life and death.

With the Drager PARAT C escape hood, people who are suddenly taken surprise by a fire have significantly higher chances of survival. The hood makes it possible for them either to escape themselves or for the fire brigade to rescue them.

For many years now fire escape hoods have been fitted in many hospitals, old people's homes, industrial buildings and even on ships, ready for use in an emergency. Indeed, even fire brigades use them when rescuing people form burning buildings.


  Universal hood with signal colour - fits even children
  Large visor - for good orientation in escape cases
  Large combined filter - filters toxic fumes and particles

Technical Data

  Filter performance - Combined gas/particle filter CO-P2
  Duration -- At least 15 minutes
  Shelf life - 12 years, filter exchange after 6 years
  Weight - ca. 600 grams
  Dimensions - PARAT C box 18 x 19 x 8 cm (H x L x W)
  Approval - CE mark, in accordance with EN 403

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

PARAT C soft-pack, in a handy soft case - R53555
PARAT C traveller-pack, in a plastic hard box - R52818
PARAT C single-pack, in a carton box - R52817
PARAT C twin-pack, two hoods in a sealed wall box - R52845
PARAT C box, in a mines proven robust box - R54461
PARAT C/S training unit - R54105
Replacement filter CO-P2 - 6736192
Spare part set (without filter) - R25266
Wallholder for PARAT C/S traveller-pack - R51906
Carrying harness for wearing PARAT C traveller-pack on belt - R53205


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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