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Drager PAS Colt PPH and Saver PPH Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD)

The Drager PAS Colt PPH and Saver PPH emergency escape breathing devices facilitate both rapid escape and provide mid-duration protection from smoke or hazardous fumes. Simple to put on and featuring practically automatic operation, this hood-based, positive-pressure breathing device can even be recharged by an external air supply during use.

RAPID ESCAPE IS OFTEN ONLY THE FIRST STEP - When smoke or other toxic fumes make rapid escape the only option, an emergency escape breathing device (EEBD) can make all the difference. But in situations where escape from the immediate danger zone is not enough - such as on an oil rig - survival depends on a constant supply of breathing air until final instructions are received.

TWO EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS - With the Drager PAS Colt PPH and the Saver PPH, Drager offers professionals at risk two effective protection solutions. Both use a positive-pressure hood (PPH) with a chemical-resistant, elastic neck seal. The materials selected offer resistence in particular to high concentrations of H2S. Both are fast and easy to put on and feature ultra-lightweight carbon composite cylinders. The flow of breathing air begins automatically when the hood is placed over the head, providing the wearer with 15 minutes of life-saving breathing air. Both are made of highly durable materials and designed for six years of maintenance-free storage only requiring the annual function check.

CONFORMS TO RELEVANT STANDARDS AND NORMS - With the Drager PAS Colt PPH and Saver PPH, you do not have to worry about meeting international regulatory standards. The units comply to the relevant parts of EN402:2003 and the Pressure Equipment Directive.

RECHARGEABLE 15-MINUTE AIR SUPPLY - In many situations, escape from the immediate danger zone is only the first step. Following arrival at the muster station, definitive rescue is often more than 15 minutes away. Both the PAS Colt PPH and the Saver PPH feature an Aeroquip FD17 standard connection which can be attached to a central supply of compressed breathing air such as the Drager CAS ChargAir stations. This allows the wearer to recharge the 3L 200 bar cylinder and breathe for an extended period. Ready for the next phase of the evacuation and safe in the knowledge to have 15 minutes of breathing air available in the unit.

The Saver PPH - The Saver PPH comes with a highlyvisible carry bag that features photo luminescent panels, which makes it easy to find under low-lighting situations. It can be carried into hazardous areas or stored in strategically relevant locations along designated escape routes such as accommodation rooms.

The PAS Colt PPH - The PAS Colt PPH is worn as a holster around the waist and can be kept near the workplace without the need for special storage facilities. The holster design ensures free mobility in emergency situations.


Ordering Information

Drager PAS Colt PPH 33 60 427
Drager Saver PPH 33 59 623


Security Tap 33 50 388
EEBA wall cabinet 33 51 823

Cleaning and disinfection

Safety wash 1 liter dispenser 33 80 164
Safety wash 1 liter refill 33 80 165
Safety wash 5 liter dispenser 33 80 166
Safety wash 5 liter refill 33 80 167


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