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Polytron 2 XP EX

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Polytron 8200 and Polytron 8310.

The Polytron 2 XP Ex is an explosion proof gas detector for continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapors in ambient air. The transmitter converts the signal from a catalytic bead or IR sensor to a 4 to 20 mA analog or HART or RS 485 digital signal output.

The unit is designed for one-man calibration, and offers a variety of diagnostics and self test features. The configuration and calibration of the transmitter is menu guided and easy to perform, using either the infrared remote control, the built-in push buttons, or a HART hand held terminal. With the optional relays, Polytron 2 XP Ex can be operated as 'stand alone' unit.

Easy to install - The enclosure provides two mounting holes. For easy wiring, the electronics is enclosed in a 'bucket', and can be pulled out as one unit, held by a tether. The three wire cable, fed through a sealed conduit, is terminated in a pluggable connector at the printed circuit board.

DragerSensor technology - Polytron 2 XP Ex offers two sensing principles: catalytic combustion or infrared. The interior design of the catalytic bead sensor offers an extremely high sensitivity. Higher sensitivity also means shorter response times, higher accuracy and improved stability of the sensor signal. The advanced poison resistant DragerSensor PR has a significantly longer lifetime.

The DragerSensor IR is the sensor of choice, where 'poisonous' gases might be in the ambient air. Over time, these can damage the catalyst of a catalytic bead sensor, decreasing its sensitivity. In order to reduce maintenance costs for recalibration and exchange, the infrared technology offers a superior solution.

One man calibration - All setup and maintenance can be performed without opening the transmitter or declassifying the hazardous area. An infrared remote control, beaming through the window, gives full access to the menu and calibration procedure. The menu can also be accessed using the built-in push buttons or a HART hand held terminal. All menu items and messages are displayed in plain English. Other, user selectable languages are French, Spanish and German.

Stand alone system - With the three built-in relays, Polytron 2 XP Ex can be used as an independent stand alone unit. Two adjustable gas alarm levels and a fault alarm make it convenient to switch warning devices on-site, without having to run cables back and forth to a central controller. The sensor signal can still be transmitted using either the 4 to 20 mA, HART or RS 485 signal output.

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