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Drager Polytron 5100

The transmitter microprocessor based is equipped with various electrochemical sensors such as the DragerSensors that detect oxygen easily and various toxic gases in the ambient air around. In addition, The Polytron 5100 in addition to this can also be integrated with a safety system and a facility control providing additional diagnostic functions.


A menu driven user friendly quick interface, the Polytron 5100 instrument is used for quick configuration. Identifying the status is made easy using simple effective commands once the routine maintenance is performed. Installed in 'e' (enhanced safety) or 'd' (explosion proof) configurations the local display provides complete information including status indication, measurement and any warning messages. Routine checks on the instrument with the analog output also allowing for easy remote monitoring the area where it is located.


The DR�GER MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY Drager has been for industrial use for more than 40 years, developing and manufacturing gas detectors and sensors. We drive our measurement technology a bit further with each new instrument generation. The Polytron 5100, is an instrument with a good experience records and the power of innovation:

- durable sensors
- short response times
- high sensitivity
- high accuracy
- changing ambient conditions or low sensitivity to other gases

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Two different mounting sets are available for installing, the housing has four mounting holes such as the olytron 5100: a pipe-mount set and a duct-mount. The transmitter can be easily installed anywhere owing to this for instance on a pipe, an exhaust duct or smooth wall.


Ordering Information

Polytron 5100

Without relays:

Aluminium 'd' 4544860
SS316L 'd' 4544862

With relays:

Aluminium 'd' 4544121
SS316L 'd' 4544123
Magnetic wand for menu access (blue body, white logo) 4544101
Pipe Mount Kit 4544198
Duct Mount Kit 6812725
Duct Mount Adapter for Remote EC Sensing Head 8317617
EC Sensing Head Remote w/ mount kit 6812684
MEC Sensor Adapter 6812695
IR Connection Kit Polytron 5000/8000 Series 4544197
PolySoft Configuration Software 8323405

Connection cable w/ plug for Remote EC Sensing Head:

16 ft / 5 m 8323305
49 ft / 15 m 8323315
98 ft / 30 m 8323330


Cl2 6809665
CO 6809605
H2 6809685
H2O2 LC 6809705
H2S 6810435
H2S HC 6809710
H2S LC 6809610
NH3 HC 6809645
NH3 LC 6809680
NO LC 6809625
NO2 6809655
O2 LS 6809630
OV1 6810740
PH3/AsH3 6809695
SO2 6809660


Splash guard 6812510
Gasing Adapter PE (with hose) 4509314
Gasing Adapter PE (without hose) 6806978
Calibration Adapter Viton 6810536


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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