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Drager Polytron 5720

The Drager Polytron 5720 IR is a cost effective explosion proof transmitter for the detection of carbon dioxide in percent volume or ppm. It uses a high performance infrared Drager PIR 7200 sensor, which can be submerged in water without damage. A 3 wire 4 to 20 mA analog output with relays makes it compatible with most control systems.

Efficient, stable and robust - the Drager PIR 7200

With its stainless steel 316L enclosure and drift free optics, the Drager PIR 7200 is built for the harshest industrial and commercial outdoor environments. The unique 4 beam signal stabilizing system makes the sensor resistant to dust or dirt deposits on the optical surfaces. Environmental and aging effects are compensated ensuring long term, drift free operation. The measuring range can be freely adjusted between 0 - 2000 ppm and 0 - 30% volume enabling a wide variety of applications.

Same design, same operating principle

Polytron 5720 belongs to the Drager Polytron 5000 series. All transmitters in this series have the same design and user interface. This allows for uniform operation with reduced training and maintenance requirements. The backlit display shows status information clearly with quick access to functions using a non-intrusive magnetic wand. The gas concentration and measurement unit are displayed during normal operation. Colored LEDs (green, yellow and red) provide additional alarm and status information.

Three relays for controlling external equipment

Upon request, the Drager Polytron 5720 can also be supplied with three integrated relays. This enables you to use it as an independent gas detection system with two arbitrarily adjustable concentration alarms and one fault alarm. Audio alarms, signal lights, or similar devices can thus be controlled locally without an additional cable between the transmitter and central controller.

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Safe, robust housing for every application

Polytron 5720 features a Class I, Div. 1 rated explosion proof enclosure made from aluminum or stainless steel, making it suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions. A protection type "e" version includes a convenient docking station which allows installation in hazardous atmospheres without running conduit (where approved).

Make the impossible possible with the remote sensor

An available remote sensor condulet housing allows the PIR sensor to be installed up to 30 meters (100 feet) away from the Polytron transmitter. A special calibration flow cell accessory permits one person to perform a full calibration of a remote mounted sensor from the transmitter.


Ordering Information

Drager Polytron® 5720 IR

Drager Polytron® 5720 IR d A 8344200
Drager Polytron® 5720 IR d A relay 8344201
Drager Polytron® 5720 IR e A (incl. Docking Station) 8344204
Drager Polytron® 5720 IR e A relay (incl. Docking Station) 8344205
Drager Polytron® 5xx0 Kit (Custom configuration e. g. stainless steel housing) 8344500


Magnetic wand 4544101
Pipe mount bracket 4544198
Duct mount kit 6812300
Duct mount kit Flow Cell for PIR 7x00 6811945
Duct mount kit Bump Test Adapter for PIR 7x00 6811990
Status indicator for PIR 7200 6811920
Splash guard for PIR 7200 6811912
Flow Cell for PIR 7200 6811910
Bump Test Adapter for PIR 7200 6811930
Insect guard for PIR 7x00 6811609
Hydrophobic filter forPIR 7x00 6811890
Calibration adapter for PIR 7x00 6811610
Process adapter for PIR 7x00, POM (Polyoxymethylene) 6811915
Process adapter for PIR 7x00, stainless steel 6811415
Aluminum junction box for remote sensor "d" 4544099
Stainless steel junction box for remote sensor "d" 4544098
Spacer 6812617
Drager PIR 7200 for remote sensor "e" variant 6812290


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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