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Polytron EX

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Polytron 5200, Polytron 5310, Polytron 8200 and Polytron 8310.

Drager Polytron Ex is a gas detector for the continuous monitoring of flammable gases and vapours in the ambient air. The transmitter is designed for the harsh industrial environment and uses industry standard 3-wire analog technology.

It converts the signal from a catalytic bead sensor to a 4 to 20 mA analog signal that is proportional to the current gas concentration. Drager Polytron Ex offers two different measuring ranges: 0 to 10 %LEL for an early warning system, and 0 to 100 %LEL as a standard range. For special applications, like monitoring under the ceiling or in areas which are difficult to access, the sensor can be mounted remotely using the sensing head Drager Polytron SE Ex in combination with the transmitter Drager Polytron Ex-R.

Different versions - The transmitter Drager Polytron Ex also is available as a remote version. Instead of the Ex-sensor there is a fix installed shielded 3-core-cable coming out the transmitter's bottom side via a cable gland. This is used to connect a remote sensing head Drager SE Ex PR M or Drager SE Ex LC M in applications where the sensor is hard to access. The cable length is 10 m.

Comprehensive explosion protection - The transmitters Drager Polytron Ex and Ex-R are certified acc. to the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) and marked by II 2G, indicating that they are suitable to be operated in potentially explosive atmospheres (zone 1 and 2).

Intrinsic Safety - Knowingly Drager designed the Drager Polytron Ex without implementing the type protection concept of heavy flameproof encapsulation. This means lightweight enclosure and easy installation and maintenance. Parts of the transmitter such as sensor cables and terminals, LC-display and the calibration elements on the frontside are intrinsically safe. No additional zener barrier is necessary.

Measuring function for explosion protection - According to the directive 94/9/EC (Annex II, chpt. 1.5.5) Drager Polytron Ex (measuring range 100 %LEL) is performance approved for 28 flammable gases and vapours (acc. to EN 50054 / 50057 and EN 50271).

System solutions - The shock-resistant enclosure (EEx e) is made of conductive, glass-fibre reinforced polyester. Combined with a suitable 4 to 20 mA controller the Drager Polytron Ex transmitters satisfy the customers' needs for maximum safety and system availability.

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