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Drager PSS100 Breathing Apparatus

This product is now obsolete.

Ever since 1889 Drager has been committed to developing the most advanced respiratory protective equipment. We have consistently produced products for use in the most demanding of environments, always meeting the highest safety and quality standards.

The PSS 100, designed using the latest technology and materials, is a harness system proven to maximise wearer comfort and minimise stress and fatigue.

This innovative and ergonomic carrying system provides increased freedom of movement and manoeuvrability, with a level of comfort second to none.

The most stressful and strenuous operations are made easier with comfortable equipment.

Maximum Comfort

The innovative harness design of the PSS 100 ensures the set remains securely in place and will not slip, no matter how much physical strain the wearer is under.

The patented swivelling and sliding waist pad allows the backplate to move with the upper torso, whilst firmly anchoring the waist pad on the wearer's hips. This allows the full weight of the apparatus to be borne closer to the most ergonomically efficient point, the body's centre of gravity, whilst providing maximum freedom to manoeuvre.

Secure padding at the shoulder straps and waist pad ensures they will not twist and provide the highest degree of comfort. Individual torso lengths vary and the shoulder yoke height adjustment provides an extra level of adaptability, allowing the set to be adjusted to fit virtually any frame size.

Data Sheet


The backplate is constructed from a strong, carbon composite material and is rigid, anti-static and highly resistant to impact, chemicals, flames and high temperatures.

Each component of the carrying system complies with the highest safety and flame engulfment standards in the world to give the greatest possible level of protection, including NFPA 1981:1997, EN137 and PrEN 137.

All materials have been selected to offer maximum durability and wear resistance.


The PSS 100 can be used with all conventional cylinder configurations, from a single 4.0 litre steel to Drager's own manufacture twin 9.0 litre carbon fully wrapped cylinders* or, with a minor adjustment, Drager's dedicated Twin Pack arrangement.

Lung Demand Value

The Plus Lung Demand Valve is positive pressure, first breath activated and extremely quiet in use. It features a 'switch off' button which is centrally positioned and contoured for easier location.

A wrap around silicone cover gives added impact protection and it is easy to service, clean and disinfect.


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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