Drager PSS 7000

Drager PSS 7000 Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus with Bodyguard 7000

Developed by professionals for professionals the Drager PSS 7000 breathing apparatus - with Drager Bodyguard 7000 electronic monitoring unit - represents a major leep forward in the evolution of breathing apparatus for the professional fire fighter.

Key Features

  • Integrated ADSU and Distress signaling
  • Visual & Acoustic Warnings and Alarms
  • Easy Push Button Operation
  • Digital and Analogue Display of Cylinder Pressure
  • User Configurable
  • Enhanced display with text scrolling
  • Automatic Self Tests & System Tests
  • Datalog with personal ID
  • PC Link Software
  • Time to Whistle
  • Choice of Operating Modes
  • Choice of power supply modules
  • New lightweight user friendly design
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Drager PSS 7000

The Drager PSS 7000 is the platform and centre piece for a complete personal safety system for the fire fighter.

  • Modular electronic monitoring system featuring the new Drager Bodyguard 7000, and options such as the Drager FPS Head-Up Display and Drager PSS 7000 Merlin modem for telemetry operation
  • New high wear resistant comfort shoulder and waistbelt padding with antislip surface for good grip
  • Sliding and pivoting waistbelt assembly
  • 3-point height adjustment
  • Breathing hoses integrated into the backplate prevent snagging and offer good hose protection
  • Reflective and photoluminescent hose sleeves for improved visibility and additional hose protection
  • Quick release pneumatics and shoulder and waistbelt assemblies for easy service and maintenance
  • Option of new cylinder quick-connect for quick cylinder changeout in the field and in the workshop

PSS 7000 with Gauge 3355068
PSS 7000 with Bodyguard 7000 (single strap) 3356679
PSS 7000 with Gauge (univ. cylinder strap) 3355930
PSS 7000 with Bodyguard 7000 (univ. cylinder strap) 3356680

Drager Bodyguard 7000

The Drager Bodyguard 7000 is an electronic signal and warning unit which provides continuous monitoring of personal information and operational status of the Drager PSS 7000 the self contained breathing apparatus.

The revolutionary ergonomic design of the Drager Bodyguard 7000 incorporates the pressure sensor and power supply modules into the backplate of the Drager PSS 7000 which results in a balanced distribution of weight and a compact lightweight electronic monitoring unit.