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Drager PSS90 Breathing Apparatus

This product is now obsolete.

Specially designed for today's professional fire-fighter

Drager has led the way in the design of technically advanced respiratory protection equipment for more than a century. Through continuous product improvement and investment in technology, we have developed a range of products which takes compressed air breathing equipment to a new dimension of personal safety.

PSS 90 is the newest addition to Drager's family of Personal Safety Systems. Fitted with Drager's high performance advanced 'Plus' pneumatics, this self contained breathing apparatus comes with the new PSS enhanced carrying harness. This means that all of the weight of the apparatus can now be placed comfortably and securely where it should be - on the hips - in line with the body's centre of gravity.

Utilising hard wearing materials, improved padding, new adjustment technology, and combining Drager's famous pull forward waist adjustment, the PSS 90 ensures that donning and wearing of professional Breathing Apparatus has never been so simple or trouble free.

Improved Wearer Comfort

The PSS 90 features an orthopaedically designed backplate moulded from glass-filled polyamide with carbon fibre for resilience and strength. Following the natural contours of the back and attached securely to the fully padded waistbelt assembly, the result is a carrying system which ensures that the weight of the apparatus and cylinders is concentrated on the hips - thereby reducing backstrain, stress and fatigue.

Rugged Design

Designed to endure the harsh environments within which today's fire and rescue professionals are expected to perform, every component is manufactured to a high degree of chemical, heat and flame resistance. PSS 90 is fully designed and tested to comply with the highest flame engulfment standards in the world, including NFPA 1981:1997 and PrEN 137. The anti-static composite backplate, incorporating moulded carrying handles, is flexible and impact resistant without compromising wearing comfort.

The materials used throughout have been carefully chosen to provide the greatest possible chemical and wear resistance, including a high proportion of Kevlar, Nomex and other aramid materials.

Data Sheet


The PSS 90 will accommodate all common cylinder configurations from a single 4.0 Litre steel to Drager's own manufactured twin 9.0 Litre carbon fully wrapped cylinders, with only a minor adjustment to the Nomex cylinder band which incorporates a cam lock design locking mechanism. The PSS 90 can also be modified to accept Drager's dedicated Twinpack arrangement.

Drager's PSS family is founded on a modular approach, which means that a range of options is available to provide the perfect solution to any application.


Utilises the proven 'Plus' pneumatic system, requiring minimum maintenance year on year and featuring Drager's unique medium pressure driven whistle warning unit, which is integrated into the fully luminescent pressure gauge for snag resistant streamlined handling. Other features include built in compatibility with electronic monitoring options, ChargAir port for quick filling and our patented safety pressure relief valve.

Lung Demand Valve

The Plus Lung Demand Valve carries on Drager's tradition of balanced piston designs offering stability, quiet operation and, of course, is first breath activated. A centrally located switch off button and tough wrap around silicone cover are incorporated in a modern streamlined shape for easy handling-even when wearing gloves.


The PSS 90 is Drager's flexible professional choice which allows the final configuration of pressure and safety monitoring to be a matter of customer choice according to budget. Regardless of the level at which you start there is a cost effective upgrade available for higher sophistication.


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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