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Drager PSS BG 4 Closed-Circuit Breathing Apparatus

Users of the Drager PSS BG 4 closed-circuit breathing apparatus are supplied with breathing air for up to four hours so that they can operate even in atmospheres containing little oxygen and/or pollutants.

The slight positive pressure in the breathing circuit protects the user against the ingress of containing pollutants into the closed breathing circuit.

The carbon dioxide contained in the exhaled air is bound by the CO2 absorber.

At the same time, the breathing air is enriched with oxygen from the oxygen cylinder.

Before the regenerated air is re-breathed, it streams through a breathing air cooler, thus making the Drager PSS BG 4 ideal for long-term use in toxic environments.

The Drager PSS BG 4 offers numerous features for safer use.

  DragerMan Bodyguard II The electronic signal and warning unit delivers and stores vital information thus increasing safety during use. It supplies information quickly and clearly, visually and acoustically, in analog and digital format. The DragerMan Bodyguard II can be connected to the Telemetry System "Merlin" for transmitting the vital data.

  Anti-vibration strap Ensures that your closed-circuit breathing apparatus can be transported safely in motor vehicles.

  Optimum wearing comfort The ergonomically shaped carrying frame, the low weight and the improved harness ensure considerable freedom of movement and less physical effort.


  High breathing comfort Due to the slight positive pressure in the breathing circuit, the spring-loaded breathing bag protects the user against toxic ambient gases, for instance if there is a leak in the face seal. To reduce the temperature of the inhaled air, thus reducing the physical burden for the user, the breathing air cooler can additionally be filled with ice.

  CO2 absorber The streamlined CO2 absorber with integrated dust filter is available as a gray disposable absorber or as a translucent refillable cartridge, entirely as you require.

  Easy maintenance The Drager PSS BG 4 can also be mounted and removed quickly and easily with no tools, bayonet rings and innovative opening and closing mechanism

Ordering Information

PSS BG4 EP G¾'' Connecting Thread R34601

PSS BG4 FEP M24x2 Connecting Thread R34602


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