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Drager PSS Merlin Modem System

The Drager PSS Merlin Telemetry is designed to enhance the safety of the fire fighter during active fire fighting duties - ensuring a disciplined entry control procedure and the accountability of fire fighters during active duties whilst logged into the Merlin Entry Control Board.

  Integrated into backplate leaving waist belt free
  Reduced problems of snagging during stowage
  Utilises a single rechargeable battery
  In-cab charging available for the battery
  4-way charger with battery health check available


This technology for life system shares the information available to the firefighter on his Bodyguard® 7000 with the PSS Merlin Entry Control Board positioned outside the emergency area. Distress to wearer and recall signals can be sent and acknowledged including mass evacuation signals.

A voluntary withdrawal signal can also be sent and acknowledged indicating the firefighter is leaving the incident. Using state of the art radio technology, the Drager PSS Merlin is a fully automatic, electronic breathing apparatus monitoring system.

It incorporates a control board, the Bodyguard and a radio unit. The system allows a team leader to monitor the exact status of up to 12 individual team members simultaneously and from outside the incident.

Bodyguard is an advanced electronic monitoring and signalling device of Drager, which combines pressure gauge, end of service warning, motion sensing and distress signalling into a single instrument.

The wearer receives constant information from the Bodyguard, which is repeated on PSS Merlin Entry Control Board allowing the team leader to have the same real time information.


This is specifically designed for use on Bodyguard 7000 fitted to both PSS 7000 and PSS 5000. This unit is fitted on the backplate under the cylinder affording a more streamline and user friendly fitment.

The power supply for this unit is a rechargeable NiMH battery pack which is also used by the Bodyguard 7000.

A kit is available which incorporates all parts to update your PSS 7000 or PSS 5000 to give you the enhanced safety of firefighter information outside the emergency situation.

An in-cab charger is available to ensure operational readiness at any time. With this design no wires are used giving much improved serviceability.



Complementing our Bodyguard 7000 electronic monitoring system, the PSS Merlin modem utilizes a NiMH rechargeable battery pack centrally integrated within the backplate of the breathing apparatus. The Drager in-cab charging solution is designed to be wired into the vehicle's own electrical supply and control system, and comprises a central charging unit with input and output leads for this purpose.

Connection to the breathing apparatus is by means of a durable clip connector located at the jump seat, which will disconnect automatically as the wearer leaves the cab of the fire vehicle.

This intelligent charging system will automatically select either fast or maintenance charging mode, according to the status of the battery. Battery status can also be determined visually by means of the LED mounted on the unit. Maintenance mode is employed once a full charge is attained, and intelligence of the system ensures that overcharging does not occur.


For those users who wish to maintain battery packs outside of the breathing apparatus, Drager has developed a bench system, including mains power supply, which allows up to 4 battery packs to be charged simultaneously.

This unit will also automatically select either fast or maintenance charging mode, according to the status of the battery.

Uniquely, this charger can also perform a health check on each pack, resulting in a final calibration to ensure the accuracy of the battery condition signals. We recommend the health check to be run every 6 months, and this is initiated by means of controls on the front of the unit, allowing individual battery packs to be checked.

The power supply module provides 12V DC output to the 4-Way charger via a single 2.5 mm jack plug. A green LED situated on the power supply indicates mains input.

Ordering Information

Drager PSS Merlin Modem System 869.5000 Freq MHz

Merlin Entry Control Board 3351145
PSS Merlin Modem (Commissioned to frequency) 3357982
Repeater 1 3354306
Repeater 2 3354562

Drager PSS Merlin Modem System 862,9625 Freq MHz

Merlin Entry Control Board 3351616
PSS Merlin Modem (Commissioned to frequency) 3357982
Repeater 1 3354307
Repeater 2 3354563

Drager PSS Merlin Modem System 450-470 Freq MHz

Merlin Entry Control Board 3354270
PSS Merlin Modem 3358410
Repeater 1 3354789
Repeater 2 3354786

Portable leaky feeder (100m) 3354787
Universal Power supply 3351804
Power Cord UK 3351805
Power Cord EU 3351806
Power Cord US 3351807
4-Way Battery Charger Repeater 3351815
4-Way Battery Charger PSS Merlin Modem 3357885
ECB Charging adaptor kit 3351819
ECB Vehicle Charger quick release (QR) 3354349
In-Cab Charger QR PSS Merlin Modem 3358063
Battery Additional PSS Merlin Modem 3358121


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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