Drager QuadGard

Drager QuadGard

The Drager QuadGard is a standalone, self contained control system for the detection of Toxic, Oxygen and Ex hazards. The system can be configured for up to four independent gas detectors.

Key Features

  • Flexible
  • User-friendly
  • Robust
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The QuadGard control system is suitable for one to four gas detectors; either two or three wire transmitters, toxic or Ex, mA or mV. There are three alarms per gas detector, and these alarms can be individual, common, or voted; rising, falling and/or latching.


With its easy-to-use, password-protected menu structure, the system can be adapted to any customer-specific requirements. The settings for the connected transmitters and gases are entered via the integrated keypad. The gas concentration can be read from the 2-line LCD display. All of the status information is clearly arranged. LEDs in different colours give a quick overview over the current status of the equipment (e.g. power supply on, alarm raised, fault detected).


With its robust, wall-mounted enclosure, the QuadGard conforms to protection class IP65 and is therefore also suitable for outdoor use.

Drager QuadGard
  • Drager QuadGard IP 65 4205810

  • Drager QuadGard NEMA 4 (UL), 4 input modules (UL) 4543176

  • Input module mA (CE) 4205916

  • Input module SE Ex (CE) 4205917