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Drager X-plore 5500

Experience a new dimension in respiratory protection: The Drager X-plore Series

Wherever complete respiratory and eye protection are required, the X-plore 5500 offers you comfort and safety. The X-plore 5500 full face mask is designed on the basis of proven, reliable technology. The double-layer face seal with triple sealing action ensures reliable protection and a secure, leakfree seal regardless of your face shape.

Other highlights include the easily adjustable head harness for quick and secure donning and doffing of the mask. The large, durable visor and the "swept-back" low profile design provide an unobstructed, wide field of vision.

The X-plore 5500 is available in one universal size to fit different face sizes.

Equipped with a safe and easy to use bayonet connection it is compatible with the extensive X-plore filter range. Discover the benefits of Drager X-plore for yourself!

Ebola Information Sheet


  Face seal - Double-layer face seal with triple sealing action provides reliable protection and a secure fit for various face types.
  Bayonet connection - For easy and secure filter attachment. Both filters are inserted in a top-down direction.
  "Low profile" design - The swept-back design ensures an optimal field of vision and even weight distribution with superb freedom of movement.
  Lens - Excellent, wide field of vision. Extreme chemical, thermal, and mechanical resistance.
  5-point harness - Quick and easy to don without hair entanglement. Universal size Perfect fit for all sizes, ease of storage and spare parts handling.

Ordering Information

Drager X-plore 5500 R55270


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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