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Drager X-plore 6300

The Drager X-plore 6300 is the efficient yet low-cost full face breathing mask intended for price-conscious users not wishing to compromise on comfort or quality. This full face mask is the successor to the Panorama Nova Standard, a mask which has proven itself over decades of use worldwide - redesigned and improved with fresh colours and an integrated bar code.

The Drager X-plore 6300 is designed for use by professionals in industry, and meets the highest demands for reliability, fit and comfort. Together with the respiratory filters from Drager's comprehensive X-plore Rd40 filter range, it has proven suitable for a wide range of different applications.

For longer application periods this mask can be used together with the Drager powered air purifying respirators (e.g. X-plore 7300 or 7500 series).

The mask body, which is made of robust and hypoallergenic EPDM, features a double- layer face seal with triple sealing actionfor a secure and comfortable fit on just about any shape of face.

The mask comes in a universal "one size fits all", making logistics and storage easy. The comfortable five-point head harness not only ensures that the mask can be donned easily and quickly, but is wide enough to prevent any pressure points on the wearer's head.

The scratch-proof and distortionfree PMMA Plexiglas visor with 180° wideangle guarantees a large field of vision with panoramic view. The robust frame is made of extra-light plastic, and the intelligent ventilation system ensures that the visor remains fog-free.

Ebola Information Sheet

A barcode inside the mask makes checking inventories and carrying out mask maintenance easy. Valves can even be serviced without tools. A full range of accessories and spare parts are available. High quality materials and careful workmanship ensure mask longevity, making the masks highly cost effective.

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Drager X-plore 6300 R55800


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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