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Drager X-am 1700

This product is now obsolete.

The Drager X-am 1700 is one of a new generation of 4-gas detectors which have been specially designed for personal monitoring use. The instrument, which is guaranteed to be repair-free, measures explosive gases and vapours, as well as O2, CO and H2S, and is designed for a two-year lifespan. Its convenient mobile phone dimensions and low weight make it the perfect companion for personal air monitoring. Equipped with reliable measurement technology, the Drager X-am 1700 is the ideal low-cost solution.

An ergonomic instrument the size of a mobile phone - The instrument's low weight and mobile phone size - unique in today's market - guarantee users a high level of comfort and convenience. By design, the instrument can be used intuitively thanks to the practical two-button control panel and straightforward menu guidance system.

Vapour-sensitive Ex measurement - For improved safety when facing unknown hazards: the catalytic Ex sensor, calibrated to methane, not only responds quickly to explosive gases, but also offers a high level of sensitivity to combustible organic vapours, thus providing dependable warnings in the event of explosive hazards.

Precision electrochemical sensors - DragerSensors stand for innovative technology at the highest level. The Drager X-am 1700 features the latest series of powerful electrochemical DragerSensors from the miniaturized XXS generation.

Robust and water-tight - The Drager X-am 1700 is tough: water- and dust-resistant to IP 67, the instrument remains fully functional and ready for use even after being dropped in water. The integrated rubber protection and shockproof sensors ensure additional resistance to impact and vibration. Furthermore, the Drager X-am 1700 is able to withstand electromagnetic interference.

Gas inlets on two surfaces - Twice as reliable: the functional design ensures that gas can enter the instrument from the top and the front, so even if the Drager X-am 1700 is accidentally put in a jacket pocket, it will still provide a reliable warning against gas hazards.

A range of alarm functions - In alarm situations, the Drager X-am 1700 provides three different types of warning: the audible multi-tone alarm is impossible to miss, while a visual 180-degree alarm helps ensure the warning is not ignored. Finally, the instrument also features a builtin vibration alarm.

Flexible power supply - The Drager X-am 1700 can be used with either the standard alkaline or optional NIMH batteries. In addition, it can be fitted with a T4 battery which can be recharged while still inside the instrument. Charging can take place in the workshop or in a vehicle, to suit your needs.

Intelligent data management - Nothing escapes the Drager X-am 1700: the instrument is equipped as standard with an event logger, which records alarms, errors and results of function tests. The data can be transmitted via infrared interface to a PC and analysed using the Drager GasVision software.

Optimum solutions for function tests and adjustments - Simple, fast and professional: from a function test to complete documentation, users have a range of practical solutions to choose from for total peace of mind. The Drager E-Cal automatic test and calibration station and the Drager Bump Test Station are ideal complements to the instrument, saving time and minimizing your workload.

User registration in seconds - An absolute must to ensure the right person gets the right instrument: the optional registration set, when used in conjunction with the Drager CC-Vision software, allows individualized issue of instruments and a quick check of completeness upon their return.

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