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A structural lightning protection system is designed to protect the fabric of a structure and the lives of the people inside by channelling the lightning strike in a safe and controlled manner to the earth termination network.

Using the Faraday Cage principal as advocated by the majority of national and international standards, Furse offers a range of air terminals, bases and clamps for the air termination network and an extensive range of down conductors and fixings. Furse only supply high quality materials and fixings, since it only takes a single sub-standard component to compromise the performance of a structural lightning protection - or earthing system.


Conductors Introduction

Flat Tape Conductor

Solid Circular Conductor

Stranded Conductor

Earthing Materials

Earth Rods

Earth Plates & Seals

Earth Inspection Pits

Earth Rod Clamps

Fixings, Bonds & Clamps

Standing Seam Roof

Rebar Connecting Clips

Earth Points

Earth Bars & Disconnecting

Earth Boss & Insulators

Earth Electrode Backfills

Earth Rod Hammer/Rig

Static Earthing Kits

Compression & Cutting

Compression Connectors

Structural Lightning Protection

Flat Tape System

Solid Circular System

Cable & Wire System

Interception Masts

Structural Lightning
Protection Accessories

StrikeRisk Software

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