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Gastec Dosi-Tubes

The passive Dosi-tube system allows an operator to evaluate the level or exposure of hazardous gas / vapours to a worker over the Time Weighted Average (TWA).

Dosi-tubes are clipped into a dosi-tube holder which attaches to an item of clothing and worn over a working day or shift.

The dosi-tube is a direct read tube which shows a colour stain to determine how much hazardous gas a worker has been in contact with over the given period.

There are 10 tubes per pack.

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Gastec Dosi-Tubes

Ordering Information

GAS1D Carbon Monoxide Passive Dosi-Tube 1.04 - 2000ppm
GAS1DL Carbon Monoxide Passive Dosi-Tube 0.4 - 400ppm
GAS2D Carbon Dioxide Passive Dosi-Tube 1.3 - 200ppm
GAS3D Ammonia Passive Dosi-Tube 2.5 - 1000ppm
GAS3DL Ammonia Passive Dosi-Tube 0.1 - 10ppm
GAS4D Hydrogen Sulphide Passive Dosi-Tube 0.2 - 200ppm
GAS5D Sulphur Dioxide Passive Dosi-tube 0.2 - 100ppm
GAS5DH Sulphur Dioxide Passive Dosi-Tube 10 - 600ppm
GAS8D Chlorine Passive Dosi-Tube 0.08 - 100ppm
GAS9D Nitrogen Dioxide Passive Dosi-Tube 0.1 - 30ppm
GAS9DL Nitrogen Dioxide Passive Dosi-Tube 0.01 - 3ppm
GAS12D Hydrogen Cyanide Passive Dosi-Tube 1 - 200ppm
GAS14D Hydrogen Chloride Passive Dosi-Tube 1 - 100ppm
GAS17D Hydrogen Fluoride Passive Dosi-Tube 1 - 100ppm
GAS32D Hydrogen Peroxide Passive Dosi-Tube 0.5 - 40ppm
GAS81D Acetic Acid Passive Dosi-Tubes 0.5ppm - 100ppm
GAS91D Formaldehyde Passive Dosi-Tubes 0.1 - 20ppm
GAS112D Ethanol Passive Dosi-Tubes 100 - 25000ppm
GAS122DL Toluene Passive Dosi-Tube 2 - 500ppm
GAS132D Trichloroethylene Passive Dosi-Tube 3 - 300ppm
GAS133D Tetrachloroethylene Passive Dosi-Tube 3 - 150ppm
GAS151D Acetone Passive Dosi-Tube 5 - 1500ppm
GAS152D Methyl Ethyl Ketone Passive Dosi-Tube 2 - 600ppm
GAS174D Butadiene-1,3 Passive Dosi-Tube 1.3 - 200ppm

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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