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NFA-SERIES 3D NF Analyser with Data Logger

The innovative concept for the field strenght measurement technology within the building biology

Including the following models = NFA 30M, NFA 400 and NFA 1000.

The NFA 1000 requires only very few settings and is able to process hundreds of thousands of pieces of information per second in the background, allowing you to capture the most important parameters at one glance in the process of measuring.

At the same time, all relevant measurement and instrument data are simultaneously and continuously recorded onto a standard SD memory card, linked with the possibility of dictating audio notes "live" directly into the device. A minimum of effort will therefore provide a maximum of information for a detailed analysis on your PC later on.

This leaves you with more time for the essential task: The best possible consultation of your customer.

The PC evaluation software "NFA-see" included in the scope of supply requires no installation, impressively displays the measuring results, supplies statistical evaluations in real time, and provides all information you need for your measurement protocol in a flash.

The measurement: "Less is more"!

The NFA only displays the information important for the process of measurement:

  A default display indication is the 3D-total pollution.

  Differently coloured LEDs parallelly show the relevant frequency components and a limit value indication.

  Measurement algorithms and audio notes allow for an extremely rational measurement process.

  The NFAs indicate and correct absurd settings.

The evaluation: "More is more"!

  In order to avoid an uncomplete protocol on your PC due to a lack of details, the NFA is able to capture the frequency and axis information simultaneously, continuously, and without "blind spots".

  The high "resolution" of 10 data records per second as well as the revolutionary PC evaluation software NFA-see allow for a completely new aspect of the much discussed phenomenon of "dirty power".


NFA 1000 Manual

High Resolution

NFAsee: All at one glance !

The innovative PC evaluation software: An in-house product developped specifically for the NFA, opening up all possibilities of the NFA to the user.

This programme permits a detailed view and analysis of the recorded data, backed up also by the integrated audio notes recorded by the NFA during the process of measurement.

Further highlights:

  Supplies statistical evaluations of the selected range in real time

  Supports the efficient elaboration of informative measurement protocols.

NFAset: Everything under control !

You can define the standard settings you prefer for your device: "Simple Operation" or "All Details", whichever suits you most. And you can easily control all functions such as the measurement unit or the pre-programming of longterm recordings.

Potential-free 3D measurement without the "cube" - Is that possible?

Yes, indeed, it is with the help of two patents and a few further ideas, we have managed to literally "square the circle":

  Standardised active sensor covers compensate the differing sizes of the field plate pairs.

  The utilisation of parasitic effects of the sensors helps compensate the shortening effect of the long axis.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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