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Hanna Instruments HI-991300N pH/EC/TDS/C Handheld Meter [HI-991300N]

Measuring pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature in one slim lightweight casing and with one single probe - the HI-991300N is an ideal portable pH tester.

There are only 2 buttons, yet you can select from a range of calibration buffers and even the temperature scale most familiar to you. The housing is waterproof and rated for IP 67 conditions.

The HI-1288 pre-amplified multiparameter probe features an easy to clean sensor and a cloth junction that can be pulled longer to increase the life of the probe.

Key Features

  Integrated with a solid-state pre-amplifier built into the handle to ensure against interference from transient electrical noise
  Amperometric conductivity probe
  Built-in temperature sensor
  Easy clean and keep clean design
  Multi level LCD display
  Display gives simultaneous measurement with temperature in either °C or °F
  On screen tutorial messages for calibration & set up
  % battery displayed on start up
  Automatic temperature compensation
  Slimline waterproof casing
  Simple 2 button operation
  HOLD button freezes readings on display for manual recording
  Select the range of calibration buffers and temperature scale required
  Battery error prevention system (BEPS) helps to ensure instrument is in optimum working order
  Measures pH, EC/TDS and temperature with single multiparameter probe

HI-991300N pH/EC/TDS/C Handheld Meter [HI-991300N]

Supplied With

  HI1288 multiparameter probe
  Starter kit of pH, calibration and electrode cleaning solution sachets

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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