Kane 905 Commercial Flue Gas Analyser

Kane 905 Commercial Flue Gas Analyser

With wireless communication as an option, the Kane 905 combustion analyser is perfect for flue gas engineers who are responsible for the installation, commission and servicing of commerical oil, gas or biomass appliances.

  • Infra-red printer link… printed header can be customised
  • Logs and stores 150 test results for easy transfer to PC
  • Long life battery recharged in situ.
  • 6 year warranty if serviced annually


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As standard:

  O2 0-21%
  CO 0-4,000ppm (hydrogen compensated)
  Differential pressure
  Temperature - inlet / flue gas / differential

Options: (CO and any 2 other sensors)

  CO 0-100,000ppm
  NO 0-100ppm
  NO 0-5,000ppm
  NO2 0-1,000ppm
  SO2 0-100ppm
  SO2 0-5,000ppm


  CO/CO2 ratio
  Excess air
  Combustion efficiency
  *NOx (if NO sensor fitted)

Fuel Types:

  Natural Gas
  28 sec oil
  35 sec oil
  Heavy oil
  Solid fuel
  User fuel

With infrared output to the optional printer or optional wireless upgrade to transfer analyser readings to your PC or Android™ Phone using the "KANE LIVE" software or "Printer App for Android™" downloaded FREE, the new Kane 905 is a truly versatile and cost effective option.

Box Contents

  Flue gas probe
  Protective rubber sleeve
  Battery charger
  Test report