Kane Auto Plus 4-2 & Auto Plus 5-2 Emission Analysers

Kane Auto Plus 4-2 & Auto Plus 5-2 Emission Analysers

The Kane Auto Plus 4-2 and Auto 5-2 Emission Analysers contain all the benefits and features the users have come to expect from the exhaust gas analysers made by Kane, including a monochrome QVGA display and Bluetooth. 

The Auto Plus 4-2 measures CO, HC, CO2, O2 & Lambda. The Auto Plus 5-2 also measures NOx.  Both of the Auto Plus analysers are portable and handheld. They can be used on petrol/gasoline, LPG, CNG & diesel vehicles. The AC & 12v Power Supply provides up to 4 hours internal battery life.  Different languages of users is not a problem with the Kane Auto Plus, as the analyser features multilingual software. The analyser is perfect for Pre-compliance testing, vehicle diagnostics and servicing to manufacturers specification.

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  Monochrome QVGA Display
  Easy to read and informative
  Links easily to PC or appropriate Bluetooth devices (additional software required)
  Compact design
  Can incorporate 4 or 5 gas option
  Pump speed control
  Improves battery life
  Improved print capability
  Select faster printing when used with optional KMIRP2


  USB/Serial with optional cable and software
  Standard print with optional KMIRP