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MSA High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors

MSA offers a comprehensive range of high pressure breathing air compressors for both the firefighting and diving market, as well as other special applications.

A variety of horizontal, vertical, portable and mobile models with a charging capacity from 170 up till 570 litre per minute [larger models on request] are available.

They can be supplied with electric, gasoline or Diesel engines.

All compressors together with their air purification system meet the most stringent breathing air standards [EN 12021].

No compromise has been made to ruggedness and durability, making the compressors suitable for the toughest duties. The specially designed low operation speed allows continuous and reliable operation.

The vertical models 280, 450 and 570 have highly efficient noise suppressing cabinets and are among the most silent compressors on the market.

The robust and noise muted compressors require little floor space and are very user friendly; all controls are at the most convenient operating height.

The optional ECC - electronic operating and monitoring system - makes operating even more convenient.

All moving components of the breathing air compressor blocks are electronically balanced to run smoothly.

The last stage has a piston which is lubricated by a low pressure [1.5 bar] oil pump.

Convenient cylinder filling systems are either separately mounted as a wall panel or integrated in the compressor.

The filling-panels are equipped with self-bleeding, optimally noise muted filling valves with hoses.


  Pure breathable air that meets every standard
  Resistant and reliable
  3, resp. 4 stage compressor block
  Molecular sieve & activated charcoal filter cartridges with high capacity [900 - 1.200 m3 at 20 °C]
  Low running speed guarantees long and trouble-free operation
  Minimal maintenance with long lifetime cylinder valves
  Low pressure oil pump to lubricate the last high pressure stage
  Electronically balanced V-belt drive disks and crankshafts
  Low vibration running
  Low noise drainage with function control unit
  All stages with pistons and piston rings
  Noise muted compressors: under 61 - 65 dB[A] at 1 metre distance [with extra large fan for efficient cooling]
  8 x 90° diverted air flow for noise muted compressors
  Air quality monitoring system with permanent sensor [optional]

Performance Range

Electrically driven mobile and stationary compressors:

  170 litres/minute
  225 litres/minute
  280 litres/minute
  450 litres/minute
  570 litres/minute

Gasoline driven mobile and stationary compressors:

  190 litres/minute
  245 litres/minute

Diesel driven mobile and stationary compressors:

  170 litres/minute
  450 litres/minute
  570 litres/minute

Other performances on request.

Compressor Blocks

The models 280 and 450 has 3 stage blocks; the model 570 has a 4 stage block.

  Safety valve for every stage
  High pressure piston with piston rings
  Large volume micro intake filter
  Oversized axial fan
  Large inter- and after-coolers
  Oil and water separators
  Condensate drainage for each stage
  Final pressure safety valve

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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