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MSA Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus

Various Applications

MSA compressed airline breathing apparatus function independent from the ambient atmosphere. They can be used in all places where the ambient air is not breathable because of contaminants or oxygen deficiency and where filtering devices do not provide sufficient protection.

With the lightweight design and the unlimited time of compressed air supply from a compressed air line system, resp. a compressor, or a limited time of compressed air supply from a cascade cylinder, they are used for a multitude of applications in industry and mining.

The following are some examples:

  Long duration work that is restricted to a location, e.g. on construction sites, handicraft work, agriculture and for repair and maintenance work of tanks and containers in industry
  In underground and surface mining
  In all situations where a compressed air breathing apparatus would encumber the user because of the tight work space or where small entry ports do not permit carrying an apparatus on the back
  For paint spray in handicraft work and industry
  For sandblast work in shipping, high rise and underground construction industry

Design and Functioning

The MSA compressed airline breathing apparatus consists of a facepiece that is connected to a compressed air supply by a compressed airline. The facepiece can be a hood or a full face mask with a lung governed demand valve.

The lung governed demand valves supply only so much air as is required during inhalation. Thus, the air consumption is economical which makes it especially suitable for cascade cylinders. The connection between the lung governed demand valve and the air source is a connector or change-over valve [emergency air supply] that is fixed to the waist belt.

This prevents tensile force being transmitted to the facepiece.

With hoods the air flow is regulated with a pressure control. This permits individual adjustment of the constant air flow from the air source to the hood as required. By fixing the control to the waist belt, this prevents tensile force being transmitted to the facepiece.

The Advantages at a Glance

  Suitable for long-duration work through continual air supply [e.g. compressed airline system]
  Large selection of facepieces such as hoods and full face masks with lung governed demand valves
  Many combinations possible through modular design of range
  Great freedom of movement through sufficiently long air supply lines
  Range is suitable for special applications, e.g. sandblast work
  Comprehensive accessories available, e.g. compressed air filters
  Additional safety for the worker through emergency air supply
  Different warning signals in case of insufficient air supply, resp. when air is taken from the emergency air supply
  Possibility to connect a compressed air tool to the automatic change-over valve when air is taken from the primary air source
  Possibility to connect two apparatus users to the air distribution piece

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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