TSI Trade In Offer

Upgrade To The Latest Technology

Keison Products are proud to offer customers a great opportunity to upgrade to the latest TSI technology.

When you trade in your old instrument from the list below, you shall be given a trade-in credit that will be applied when you order a new instrument.

In the table below you will find qualifying trade-in models, as well as the corresponding replacement and trade-in value.

Old Model Description New Model Trade-In Value
8370, 8371, 8372, 8373, 8375, 8375M ACCUBALANCE Air Capture Hood 8380 £145.00
8385, 8386, 8388, 9555, 9555-A, 9555-X, 9555-P VELOCICALC Multi-Function Ventilation Meter 9565, 9565-A, 9565-X, 9565-P £115.00
8550, 8551, 8552, 8554, 7565, 7565-X Q-TRAK Indoor Air Quality Monitor 7575, 7575-X £150.00
8710 Micromanometer 8715 £115.00
8730, 8731 Q-CHECK CO2 and CO Meters 7525, 7545 £110.00
8760, 8762 IAQ-CALC Indoor Air Quality Meter 7525, 7545 £110.00
IAQ50 IAQ Meters 7525/7545 £110.00
PH720 Micromanometer PH730 £115.00
ProHood 2K/PH721 Capture Hood PH731 £175.00
TA3000/TA6000/TA460/ TA460-A/TA460-X/TA460-P Thermoanemometer TA465/TA465-A/ TA465-X/TA465-P £100.00

Please note that the customer is responsible for returning the old instrument to the United Kingdom in order to take up this offer.

Please reference promotional code KEISONTSITRADEIN when taking advantage of this offer.

For details of the latest TSI range, please click here.