3M Scott Safety T-A-Line System

3M Scott Safety T-A-Line System

The 3M Scott Safety T-A-Line System is for use with filtered factory airline supplies and delivers air efficiently and safely to the user.

Key Features

  • Auxiliary air outlet
  • Built-in indicator
  • Warning whistle
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3M Scott Safety

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

It features an auxiliary air outlet for use with air powered tools.

The regulator compensates for variable pressure to guarantee the wearer sufficient air flow.

The in built indicator, which also acts as a silencer, visually warns the user of an oil contaminated air supply.

A warning whistle informs of low pressure and flow below the manufacturer's minimum.

The T-A-Line is fully compatible with the AFU300 and AFU600 Airline Filtration Units.

  • 1070596 T/A/Line control unit with residual odour filter, warning whistle and air tool outlet. EN1835

Headtops approved with TA Line
  • 1070619 T1/ML: Half hood in PU coated nylon, acetate visor, medium / large, TH2 / LDH2 EN1835

  • 1070620 T1/SM: Half hood in PU coated nylon, acetate visor, small / medium, TH2 / LDH2 EN1835

  • 2023147 T2: Full hood in PU coated nylon, acetate visor, TH3 / LDH3 EN1835

  • 2023151 T2/AS: As T2, in white antistatic material EN1835

  • 2023470 T3/PC: Visor - polycarbonate, complete with faceseal in PU coated nylon TH2 LDH3. Order T3/AC for acetate visor EN1835, EN166

  • 2023320 T5/PC: Helmet, complete with polycarbonate visor, TH2 / LDH3 EN1835, EN397, EN166

  • 2023261 T25/PC: Helmet with chemically resistant full hood in hypalon, hose and polycarbonate visor, TH3/LDH3. Order T25/AC for acetate visor. EN1835, EN397, EN166

  • 2023265 T25/AS: As T25/AC, in black anti-static hypalon. EN1835, EN397, EN166

  • 2023257 T25/CS: As T25/AC, in butyl-viton material for additional chemical resistance. EN1835, EN397, EN166

  • 5064411 T/PROCAP/PC: Procap Powered Air Helmet- Clear PC Visor - TH2/LDH2 EN1835, EN397, EN166

  • 5064422 T/PROCAP/WELD: Procap Powered Air Welding Helmet - TH2/ LDH2 (Order welding filters separately, see spares pages) EN1835, EN397, EN175, EN166

PVC Supply Hose for T/A/Line
  • 1072030 Air supply hose, PVC 3 metres with CEN couplings EN1835

  • 1072031 Air supply hose, PVC 10 metres with CEN couplings EN1835

  • 5064681 EPDM hose converts any Procap for T/A/Line use