3M Scott Safety ProPak-I Firefighting Breathing Apparatus 3M Scott Safety ProPak-I Firefighting Breathing Apparatus 3M Scott Safety ProPak-I Firefighting Breathing Apparatus

3M Scott Safety ProPak-I Firefighting Breathing Apparatus

The 3M Scott Safety ProPak-I Firefighting Breathing Apparatus has been developed for use in the Industrial, Professional Fire Fighting or Oil & Gas markets as a fire fighting set.

Key Features

  • EN137:2006 Type 2 MED Approved Breathing Apparatus
  • Compliance set for Industrial Professional Fire Fighting or Oil & Gas markets
  • Rigid backframe construction
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3M Scott Safety

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

As a testement to the quality of the 3M Scott Safety ProPak range, all ProPak breathing apparatus has been approved to EN137:2006 Type 2, incorporating the stringent Full Flame Engulfment Test, and to the 9th amendment of the MED which gives the 3M Scott Safety ProPak the latest approval for the Marine industry.


Compact positive pressure demand valve featuring servo-assisted, tilting diaphragm mechanism with low inspiratory resistance and responsive dynamic performance, automatic first breath actuation and hands free bypass facility.


First stage pressure reducing valve featuring non-adjustable, spring loaded piston mechanism and outlet supply protected by pressure relief valve.


  • • Stainless steel swivel hose fittings
  • • Medium pressure hose
  • • High pressure hose
  • • Medium working pressure 16 bar
  • • Minimum burst pressure 80 bar
  • • Maximum working pressure 450 bar
  • • Minimum burst pressure 800 bar


Bourdon tube type dial indicator

Heat and Impact resistant polycarbonate lens


Designed to be used with 3M Scott Safety's range of positive pressure full facemasks, the Sabrecom2 is a radio communication interface.

The Sabrecom2 is approved to EN136 class and meets the stringent flame and radiant heat test requirements. The Sabrecom2 is also fully integrated and ready to use.


The 3M Scott Safety ProPak-I can be specified in many configurations including Split Demand Valve Coupling (SDC), Y-Piece (Y2C) and attachments for Airline, which can be used for Rescue Second Man and Decontamination.

  • 2027166 PROPAK-i (V2) ProPak-i self contained breathing apparatus for single cylinder use, comprising lightweight rigid backplate with cylinder band and fully adjustable body harness:
    Two stage pneumatic system comprising Tempest automatic positive pressure demand valve with bypass: shoulder mounted pressure indicator and 55 bar warning whistle: first stage pressure reducer with single high pressure 200/300 bar cylinder connector.
    Harness fabricated from hard wearing flame retardant Kevlar blend webbing and apparatus features unpadded upper shoulder straps a padded waistbelt and lumbar padding Apparatus accepts full range of Scott breathing apparatus cylinders from 4.7 to 9 litres capacity, 200 or 300 bar.*
    Apparatus is CE Marked to EN137:2006 Type 2 and MED approved
    Apparatus supplied less facemask, please order desired mask separately.
    *Please note to maintain the cylinder valve handwheel on the normal right hand side of the SCBA please order the cylinders fitted with the right angled valve. These cylinders have the suffix -RA

  • 2027167 PROPAK-i-AC (V2) ProPak-i fitted with Airline attachment*.

  • 2027168 PROPAK-i-SDC (V2) ProPak-i fitted with Split demand valve

  • 2027170 PROPAK-i-SDC-AC (V2) ProPak-i fitted with Split demand valve and Airline attachment*.

  • 2027169 PROPAK-i-Y2C (V2) ProPak-i fitted with Y-piece (2 CEN socket) in demand valve hose

  • * Please note the airline attachment has both air in and air out functionality so therefore serves as both an RSM and decontamination attachment as well as Airline.