Soundear V

Soundear V

A little sound meter, the SoundEarV assists in the measuring of the sound levels, around the desk/table. 

When the noise around the table gets too loud, there is a pop up on the computer screen of the employee that would instantly appear informing of the increase in the noise.

All that is required to do, is to have the SoundEarV attached to the side of the computer screen and have it connected to a USB port. 

Manually preset the noise limit that you would tolerate and that which would pop up on the computer monitor. A graph of the noise level for a 30 day period could be easily assessed on the same chart.

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Operative system:

Microsoft® Windows® Vista or Windows® XP.
Intel® Pentium® III-processor or equivalent.


128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended).


USB 1.1 / USB 2.0 port.

SoundEarV / 1 user
1 SoundEar V + software etc. 

SoundEarV / 6 user
6 SoundEar V + software etc 

5 SoundEarV without software etc

Kit w. USB cabler + Velcro for SoundEar V
(5 packs)