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Bartec Pixavi is a creator of innovative video collaboration products and was established in 1999. They have specialized in video conferencing solutions, smartphones, cameras wearable and Wi-Fi infrastructure and also provide communication solutions for hazardous areas. Bartec have a global presence, but is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway.

Bartec Pixavi is made up of a talented and hardworking team of software engineers, striving to bring you the most up to date technology. They work hard at ensuring their products are both user friendly and of a very high standard.

Further proof of excellence - Bartec Pixavi award-winning solutions come in intrinsically safe, Ex approved and explosion proof versions according to the ATEX and IECEx standards for hazardous area certifications and are used by many leading companies in many different industries.

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Gravity X Intrinsically Safe Camera

Impact X Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

Impact X NC (No Cameras) Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

Orbit X Explosion Proof Wi-Fi Camera

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