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Coliy Technology Model 910 Radiation Scanner

Radiation scanner Model 910 is an upgraded version of the original Model 900. In 2011 Coliy Technology GmbH redesigned the Radiation scanner Model 910 to make it easier to operate with a much higher reliability factor: Its buttons are simplified into 8, which makes the interface more user-friendly, its internal circuitry is optimized to be more reliable; its memory is expanded to stock more data.

The Radiation scanner Model 910 was designed to help recognize the risk of terrorist attack after the 9.11 incident. With its powerful functions it can be used under severe adverse conditions. Due to its resistances to high impact and high and low temperature it offers reliable and precise measurement data. The main body of the Radiation scanner 910 is small, light with a strong shell to protect it. It can detect α, ß and X-rays a as described and adopted by the nuclear radiation sensor standards laid down by the American Bureau of Standards. It is a small sized radiation sensor with the best performance characteristics in the current market.


Radiation scanner Model 910 can be used widely in the fields of pharmaceutical factory, laboratory, power plants, quarries, emergency rescue stations, metal treatment plants, underground oil fields, and oil pipeline equipment, environmental protection, police station etc. It is used for:

  Inspecting underground water radium pollution
  Inspecting radioactivity of underground drilling pipes and equipment
  Inspecting radon radiation and cesium pollution of surrounding environment
  Inspecting radioactivity of architecture materials such as stone etc
  Inspecting radioactivity of porcelain tableware and glass etc
  Inspecting local radiation leakage and nuclear radiation pollution
  Inspecting the danger of nuclear radiation in landfill and garbage dump
  Inspecting harmful radiation of personal precious property and jewelry

Keison Products is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Coliy Technology in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Latin America and the United States of America.


  Ray selection switch
  Function of holding Maximum
  Displays the adjustable average time
  Automatically stores the sample data
  Accumulates the radiation measurement data
  Calibration every five years
  Design is compact and anti-impact, easy to carry
  Ergonomically designed with a comfortable hand feel
  USB port connecting to computer and available to analyze software with many functions
  Transmits current data displayed and analyzed in real-time on computer
  Large high definition LCD display easy to read

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Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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