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Coliy Technology E Series (E61, E62, E71, E72 & E73) Electromagnetic Field Intensity Spectrum Analysers

The Coliy Technology E Series (E61, E62, E71, E72 & E73) are electromagnetic field intensity spectrum analysers, a multifunctional, portable and highly accurate meter suitable for all electric field and magnetic field measurements.

All models are available with spectrum analysis function. The system includes a electric field with wide range a magnetic field probe with measurement frequency from 1Hz to 18GHz and a portable display meter. It has a large LCD display and easy function keys (which allow different operation and selection functions according to different command menu).

The Coliy Technology E Series of Electromagnetic Field Intensity Spectrum Analyser are composed of 2 categories - low frequency and high frequency.

1. Low frequency: Model E61, E62, frequency: 1Hz- 30MHz
2. High frequency: Model E71, E72 E73, frequency: 1MHz-18GHz


Low frequency - High voltage transmission system, distribution room, induction furnace, metro, electric car, computer room, sensitive equipment room, hospital and other workplaces.

High frequency - All kinds of long wave, middle wave, short wave, and microwave radiation, including: mobile phone base stations, medical equipment, radar, satellite communication, TV antenna pager station, heat sealing machine, drying equipment , and other workplaces with electromagnetic radiation.


  Wide range: Frequency range from 1Hz to 18GHz is covered by different probes.
  Large graphic LCD display: A great deal of data can be displayed simultaneously with graph and bar chart.
  Spectrum analysis: All models have function of spectrum analysis enabling to set precisely the electromagnetic intensity.
  Measure several parameters simultaneously: Analyze electric field and magnetic field simultaneously in units of V/m, Tesla,Gauss,A/m,dBm,V/m,A/m,dBµV,W/m², pW/m²,µW/m²
  Multiple parameter to display operation : Display MIN ,MAX, AVG values, top 3 marking value, public output limits value etc.
  Operation function: An operation key to calculate limit value of radiation exposure.
  Power: Rechargeable NiMH high-energy battery and wide voltage power adapter.

Keison Products is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Coliy Technology in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Latin America and the United States of America.

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