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Coliy Technology G90 Series (G91, G92 & G93) Handheld Hall Gaussmeters

The G90 series Handheld Hall Effect Gaussmeters are Coliy Tech's latest generation of Handheld Gaussmeters. The product line consists of three user friendly models: Model G91(2% accuracy), Model G92(1% accuracy), and the Model G93(3-axis,1% accuracy). G92 Gaussmeter can be configured for three channels with the use of an optional MULTIPLEXER to connect three probes. A revolutionary state of the art operating system provides the user Smartphone interface, with easy step by step operating instructions via the exclusive COLIY UI system.

The G90 series Handheld Hall Effect Gaussmeters are designed for academic, laboratory, industrial, manufacturing applications. Years of experience, Coliy has a proven track record for quality easy to use instrumentation controls from traditional keypad, computer and now smart phone programming. The G90 series boasts with a industrial class 3.2 inches touch panel display that enables customers instantaneous and simultaneous measurement results. (Min./Max./ Peak/Hold, Magnetic Flux Intensity, and a Trend Graph?Cetc). The G90 Hall Effect Gaussmeter can measure up to 30KG from DC to 30KHz. The models G92 and G93 are supplied with temperature compensation function, providing precision and stability from -20degC to 75deg. Temperature coefficient of single axis Hall probe is 300ppm/degC, temperature coefficient of 3-axis Hall probe is 600ppm/degC. We strongly recommend buying temperature compensated Hall probes, for the best precision and stability when the temperature changes.

Users can select from a complete selection Hall Probes?FAxial Probe, Transverse Probe,three-Axis Probe, High Temp. Probe (up to 160degC), Ultra thin Probe (0.5mm thickness). Our Three-Axis Hall Sensor developed by MEMS technology provides high spatial resolution (0.1x 0.1 x 0.1 mm3 ) and superior orthogonality precision, suitable for institutes, Universities and high tech. enterprises.


  Ergonomically designed
  Colorful display style
  Smartphone operation
  3.2 inches color touch LCD
  Display trend graph & measured data
  Max/Min/Peak Hold Function
  Frequency bandwidth DC to 30KHz
  Temperature compensation
  Water Proof and Dirt Resistant
  Battery life12 hours operation
  S or N Polar indication
  Transverse and Axial probe
  Extremely small volume 3-axis sensor
  High Temp. Probe(up to 160 Celsius)
  Ultrathin Probe (0.5mm thickness)
  Smart record and review
  Multi-probe function

Keison Products is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Coliy Technology in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Latin America and the United States of America.

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Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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