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Drager CPS 5900 Chemical Protective Suit

The Drager CPS 5900 is a gas-tight chemical protective suit, which is perfect for hazmat incidents and is completely disposable. This lightweight suit gives complete protection against hazardous liquids, gases and particles.

The right level of protection

This new Drager suit offers outstanding protection from a vast range of hazardous chemicals and welfare agents. The Drager CPS 5900 has been specially produced for low risk tasks, such as measuring or transferring hazardous materials in non-explosive atmospheres. As the first chemical protective suit to be approved to NFPA 1994, class2 and EN 943 part 1&2 (ET), it also fulfils the requirements of the SOLAS convention. As a result, it has achieved the highest international standards of fire fighters and industrial users for limited use, gas-tight protective suits. For heavy duty tasks which carry the risk of flash fire or mechanical stress, the Drager CPS 7900 would be much more adequate.

Offering event more comfort

The Drager CPS 5900 is compatible with the latest breathing/safety equipment and many other types of personal protection apparatus, whilst also offering enhanced ergonomics. The suit can also be worn with twin cylinders or closed circuit breathing equipment. It is designed to fit male and female users between the sizes of 1.50m and 2.10m in height. The suit is available in 5 different sizes and is made from Zytron 500, the laminate material which is said to be the softest around. The CPS 5900 has also been hot-air taped both inside and out along the seams of the suit and has an estimated 10 year shelf life because of its high quality production and materials.

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Ordering Information

CPS 5900 size S Body height from 1,50 m to 1,65 m R57781
CPS 5900 size M Body height from 1,60 m to 1,75 m R57782
CPS 5900 size L Body height from 1,70 m to 1,85 m R57783
CPS 5900 size XL Body height from 1,80 m to 2,00 m R57784
CPS 5900 size XXL Body height from 1,95 m to 2,10 m R57785
CPS 5900 PT size S with connector for external air supply R57984
CPS 5900 PT size M with connector for external air supply R57957
CPS 5900 PT size L with connector for external air supply R57958
CPS 5900 PT size XL with connector for external air supply R57959
CPS 5900 PT size XXL with connector for external air supply R57960


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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