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Drager HPS 3500 Head Protection System

The Drager HPS® 3500 - a multifunctional and universal helmet for the diverse requirements of rescue teams during search and rescue, forest and bush fire fighting, traffic accidents, rescue from heights, water rescue and any kind of technical assistance.


Technologically high quality materials offer optimum protection due to high mechanical durability - with very low weight. The extremely robust helmet shell in painted or mass dyed/unpainted version from high quality thermoplastic offers a high level of comprehensive head protection. With its modern design and construction the helmet is ideally suited for forest and large-scale fire fighting (EN 16471:2014), technical assistance (EN 16473:2014), rescue from heights (EN 12492:2012) and water rescue (EN 1385:2012).

Optimised wearing comfort

Excellent wearing comfort is achieved through the comfortable interior fitting with 4-point harness including padding of the entire head area. The chin strap is secured with a quick-release buckle and chin piece and can be easily adjusted using Velcro fasteners. The adjusting wheel, which can also be easily reached and operated with gloves, allows adjustment for individual head sizes without having to remove the helmet.

Comfortable climate

The Drager HPS 3500 features a ventilation system ensuring an optimum climate inside the helmet. To prevent water, sparks and metal chips from entering, it can be closed if necessary. The internal helmet components are made from skin-friendly materials which are anti-allergic, sweat-repellent and breathable.


Drager HPS 3500 Head Protection System

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Protective goggles

The tight-fitting protective goggles from fire-resistant material supplied with the Drager HPS 3500 set are approved in accordance with EN 166 and EN 14458. The frame of the goggles is made from polyurethane and combines ergonomic design with excellent wearing comfort. The protective goggles feature passive rear ventilation and are optimally protected against fogging and scratching by the modern, polycarbonate antiscratch double glazing (Pinlock®-system). The protective goggles can be adapted to the helmet using a silicone strap (included as standard with the HPS 3500 set) or optionally as separate protective goggles with adjustable elastic strap.

Comprehensive range of accessories

With a multitude of optional accessories the Drager HPS 3500 becomes a helmet for various applications. The safe adaptation of visors and ear protection systems to the helmet is made possible by a multifunctional adapter. For the wide range of deployment options special goggles, PC- and wire mesh visors and visors for working on electrical equipment are available. Other accessory components include helmet lamps, ear muffs, neck protection from fire-resistant Nomex® material and various reflective stripes.

Ordering Information

Helmet in premium design (painted) as set (incl. protective goggles)

Drager HPS® 3500 set, red R62651
Drager HPS® 3500 set, white R62652
Drager HPS® 3500 set, yellow R62653
Drager HPS® 3500 set, black R62654
Drager HPS® 3500 set, blue R62655
Drager HPS® 3500 set, luminescent R62656
Drager HPS® 3500 set, fluorescent yellow R62657
Drager HPS® 3500 set, fluorescent orange R62658

Helmet in premium design (painted) (without protective goggles)

Drager HPS® 3500, red R62640
Drager HPS® 3500, white R62641
Drager HPS® 3500, yellow R62642
Drager HPS® 3500, black R62643
Drager HPS® 3500, blue R62644
Drager HPS® 3500, luminescent R62645
Drager HPS® 3500, fluorescent yellow R62646
Drager HPS® 3500, fluorescent orange R62647

Helmet in basic design (not painted/mass dyed) as set (with protective goggles)

Drager HPS® 3500 set, red, basic R62659
Drager HPS® 3500 set, white, basic R62660
Drager HPS® 3500 set, yellow, basic R62661

Helmet in basic design (not painted/mass dyed) as set (without protective goggles)

Drager HPS® 3500, red, basic R62648
Drager HPS® 3500, white, basic R62649
Drager HPS® 3500, yellow, basic R62650


Protective goggles (with silicone strap) R58424
Protective goggles (with adjustable elastic strap) R58564
Polycarbonate visor Drager HPS® 3100/3500 R58432
Wire mesh visor Drager HPS® 3100/3500 R58431
Visor for work on electrical equipment HPS® 3100/3500 R58433
Visor adapter Drager HPS® 3100/3500 for attaching wire mesh visor and visor for work on electrical equipment (if no ear protection has been adapted) R58561
Ear protection Drager HPS® 3100/3500 R58430
Neck guard Drager HPS® 3100/3500 Nomex® R58434
Lamp holder for Drager PX 1 lamp R 58 566
Lamp holder for UK4AA+Peli lamp R62669
Helmet lamp Drager PX 1 LED R62350
Reflective stripes Drager HPS® 3100/3500, red R58426
Reflective stripes Drager HPS® 3100/3500, yellow R58427
Reflective stripes Drager HPS® 3100/3500, grey/silver R58428
Helmet pouch (for dust protection and transport) R79282
Helmet bag, small (for transport and storage) R58555
Helmet bag, large (for transport and storage) R68555
Anti-fog spray R56542


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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