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Dynafluid 3000 Hot & Cold Water Mixing Valve

  Instantaneous hot water
  Versatile-can be installed wherever a ready supply of hot water is available
  Safe-valve shuts down within five seconds if cold water supply fails
  Accurate-controls temperature to within ± 2°C
  Service-free temperature control cartridge
  Easy to service without removing from pipework-full spares availability
  Straightforward installation-requires no gas or electricity supply
  Complete with strainers and check valves


The Dynafluid 3000 offers a straightforward and economic solution for instant, temperaturecontrolled hot water on demand.

Mixing high temperature hot water from a boiler or heat exchanger with cold water, the Dynafluid 3000 gives precisely controlled warm or hot water where it is needed, at the point of use.


The thermostatically controlled Dynafluid 3000 is the ideal choice for the washing down of walls or floors, carcass-cleaning and vessel filling. It is the logical choice for any operation that has a ready supply of high temperature water that needs to be reduced to a lower temperature before it can be used.

Typical uses include abattoirs, breweries, food production and processing plants, the petrochemical and processing industries - in fact, anywhere that hygiene is paramount.

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The Dynafluid 3000 is a thermostatic valve that can be adjusted from 40°C up to the factory-set maximum of 60°C and, in normal operating conditions, the temperature is held to within +2°C.

A manual override can increase the outlet temperature to a maximum of 70°C for particularly demanding cleaning operations that require water of a higher temperature.

In the event of failure of the cold water supply, the valve will shut down within five seconds, preventing high temperature hot water from being discharged.


This valve is specifically designed to operate in the harshest industrial environments. The main valve body is cast in gunmetal and the large adjustment knob and mounting bracket are in tough engineering plastic. Inside, the thermostatic and check valve cartridges are made in heat resistant thermoplastic polymers.

The Dynafluid 3000 operates over a range of 0.5 to 6.0 bar operating pressure and 10 bar static pressure.

End connections are industry-standard 3/4 inch BSP female threads, with 6 inch (150mm) pipe centres.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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