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Ecom Instruments is a specialist in the area of Intrinsically Safe Equipment, manufacturing numerous devices to be utilised within a multitude of hazardous areas. Such areas include pharmaceutical, mining, chemicals, oil, gas and mining.

The following ecom communications products are available to buy at our sister company Cadmus Products. Click below to find out more.

ecom instruments Smart-Ex 02 DZ1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

ecom instruments Smart-Ex 02 DZ2 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

ecom instruments Ex-Handy 10 Zone 1/21 & DIV 1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

ecom instruments Ex-Handy 10 Zone 2/22 & DIV 2 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

ecom instruments Cube 800 Intrinsically Safe Wearable Camera

The innovative ecom products are designed and built to the highest of standards, whilst maintaining the highest amount of functionality and using the very latest technology for explosive protection.

If your daily operation involves complying with the ATEX and DSEAR directives, Ecom Instruments can provide you with intrinsically safe hazardous area equipment that you or your engineers/operators will find beyond invaluable.

The Ecom Instruments range includes ATEX certified mobile phones, radios, handheld computers, laptops, multimeters, ultrasonic wall thickness gauges, torches and inspection lamps.

One of the biggest product areas of Ecom Instruments are intrinsically safe mobile phones. Communication within hazardous areas is vital for both reasons of safety and efficiency. Ecom's mobile phones provide users with an invaluable tool. Whether you need a mobile phone for dust hazards or Zone 1 applications, there is an instrument suitable for you.

In order to maximise the coverage of our mobile phones within the communication networks, Ecom's mobile phones are supplied SIM-card free and are compatible with every major mobile phone network in the United Kingdom.

Mobile Computing

CamScan Keyboard Android App
CT50-Ex Handheld Computer
Ident-Ex 01 Bluetooth Scanner
i.roc Ci70-Ex Intrinsically Safe PDA
Loc-Ex 01 BLE Beacon
Pad-Ex 01 DZ2 Windows Tablet PC
Tab-Ex 01 Tablet Computers
Tab-Ex 02 Tablet Computers


Ex-Handy 09 (Zone 1/21)

Ex-Handy 209 (Zone 2/Division 2)
Smart-Ex 01 (Zone 1/21)
Smart-Ex 201 (Zone 2/Divison 2)

Measurement & Calibration

Ex-MP4a Non-Contact Temperature Meter
Ex-Time 40 I.S. Wall Clock
FLUKE 28 II Ex Multimeter
FLUKE 568 EX Infrared Thermometer

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