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The Frontier Acela Fume Hoods range by ESCO is a world class laboratory fume hood platform that has the patents and compliance to prove it.

The Frontier Acela Fume Hoods benefits by being ASHRAE 110 certified, EN14175 certified and also UL Classified.

The design of this product has excellent aesthetics, with a 5 degree sloped front and unique perforated baffle design.

Key benefits from this product include superior containment at 0.3m/s and high energy savings.

  Unique Hot Zone Baffles capture fumes quickly.
  The tapered fibreglass exhaust collar reduces airflow turbulence, static pressure loss, noise level and increases face velocity uniformity.
  Perfect Pitch Profile™. The gentle pitch of the hood profile enhances visibility.
  Tri-wall construction and chain-and-sprocket sash system for maximum durability.
  Sash stop limits sash movement beyond 457 mm (18"). When raised above this height, sash will automatically and gently fall back to the safe level (Esco's CreepDown Mechanism).
  Sash keylock available to keep sash in place at full open position for equipment loading, or at full close position to restrict access into hood.
  Constant volume / high performance concept eliminates the need for complex VAV systems.
  The Frontier Acela Fume Hood delivers outstanding containment (less than 0.05ppm, as manufactured) down to 60fpm face velocity at both 18" restricted and full open sash openings, tested inhouse in accordance to the ASHRAE-110 and EN14175-3 test protocols.
  Independently certified by Tintschl Engineering, Germany, to comply with the requirements of the EN14175 fume hood test standard.
  All Frontier Acela Fume Hoods include 1 water and 1 gas Enhanz™ remote-controlled fixture plumbed to the top of the hood and 2 duplex outlets standard (specify outlet code when ordering).



Ordering Information

220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1�

EFA-4UDRVW8 2090004
EFA-5UDRVW8 2090014
EFA-6UDRVW8 2090023
EFA-8UDRVW8 2090223
EFA-4UDRCW8 2090005
EFA-5UDRCW8 2090015
EFA-6UDRCW8 2090024
EFA-4UDUCW8 2090623
EFA-5UDUCW8 2090624
EFA-6UDUVW8 2090293
EFA-8UDUVW8 2090287
EFA-4UDUVW8 2090369
EFA-5UDUVW8 2090300
EFA-6UDUVW9 2090257

110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1�

EFA-4UDRVW9 2090193
EFA-5UDRVW9 2090207
EFA-6UDRVW9 2090208
EFA-8UDRVW9 2090501
EFA-4UDRCW9 2090346
EFA-5UDRCW9 2090063
EFA-6UDRCW9 2090263
EFA-4UDUVW9 2090199
EFA-5UDUVW9 2090256
EFA-6UDUCW8 2090625
EFA-8UDUVW9 2090258
EFA-4UDUCW9 2090252
EFA-5UDUCW9 2090253
EFA-6UDUCW9 2090254

Distillation Grids

DG-4US 5170135 For 4U model with external width 1220 mm (48"); Stainless Steel material
DG-5US 5170136 For 5U model with external width 1525 mm (60"); Stainless Steel material
DG-6US 5170137 For 6U model with external width 1830 mm (72"); Stainless Steel material
DG-8US 5170138 For 8U model with external width 2440 mm (96"); Stainless Steel material

Enhanz™ Service Fixtures

SFA-EW 5170266 Fixture for water
SFA-EG 5170265 Fixture for Gas
SFA-EV 5170306 Fixture for Vacuum
SFA-EN 5170313 Fixture for Nitrogen
SFA-EO 5170440 Fixture for Oxygen
SFA-EC 5170275 Fixture for Compressed Air
SFA-EA 5170274 Fixture for Argon
SFA-HW 5170408 Fixture for Hot Water
SFA-CO2 5170433 Fixture for Carbon Dioxide
SFA-DI 5170416 Fixture for Deionised Water

Drip Cups

SPP-DC 5170271 Polypropylene Drip Cup
SIC-DC 5170359 Ceramic Drip Cup (Applicable only for Ceramic Work Tops)

Sentinel�XL™ Airflow Alarm Kit

SXL-EFA 5070084 Real-time digital display of face velocity. Audible and visual alarms

Frontier Acela® Base Cabinetry

EBA-4UDG-0 2090153 Standard base without MCB/ELCB for 4U model
EBA-5UDG-0 2090157 Standard base without MCB/ELCB for 5U model
EBA-6UDG-0 2090161 Standard base without MCB/ELCB for 6U model
EBA-8UDG-0 2090163 Standard base without MCB/ELCB for 8U model
EBA-4UDG-8 2090154 With MCB/ELCB protection for 4U model
EBA-5UDG-8 2090158 With MCB/ELCB protection for 5U model
EBA-6UDG-8 2090162 With MCB/ELCB protection for 6U model
EBA-8UDG-8 2090167 With MCB/ELCB protection for 8U model

Envirosafe Fume Scrubber

EFS-001-4 2090240 Envirosafe Fume Scrubber for Esco Fume Hoods, 4 ft / 1.2m
EFS-001-5 2090250 Envirosafe Fume Scrubber for Esco Fume Hoods, 5 ft / 1.5m
EFS-001-6 2090251 Envirosafe Fume Scrubber for Esco Fume Hoods, 6 ft / 1.8m 894

Ventilation Kit for EBA Base Cabinet

VK-EBA 5170022 Ventilates base cabinet utilizing the hood exhaust system. One (1) unit required for 4' Base Cabinet and two (2) units for other sizes.

Filler Panel Kit for EBA Base Cabinet

FP-EBAD 5170023 One set of filler panels required per continous row of hoods

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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