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ESCO - NordicSafe Low Noise, Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets

The Esco NordicSafe Class II Biological Safety Cabinet is a cost effective solution to providing operator, product and environmental protection within laboratories and industrial facilities. The cabinet features the use of 2 ULPA filters to deliver ISO Class 3 air cleanliness to the work zone.

Main Features

  Extremely low energy consumption (190 Watt) for environmentally-conscious operation.
  Latest generation, energy efficient ECM blower from EBM-Papst Germany maintains constant airflow, despite building voltage fluctuations.
  Quietest cabinet in industry (51 dBA) for serene working condition that helps to reduce fatigue and improves concentration.
  Half Speed Mode reduces energy consumption to 80 Watt while still maintaining personnel and product protection when the cabinet is not being used.
  Zero Volt Relay Contact, to synchronize turning ON/OFF internal blower fan with remote exhaust fan.
  Esco Sentinel™ Gold microprocessor with integrated temperature-compensated airflow monitoring system.
  Quickstart mode, to turn the blower and lights on/off, by moving the sash window to correct position.
  RS 232 data output port enables remote monitoring of cabinet operating parameters.
  Unique Esco Dynamic Chamber™ plenum design delivers quiet, uniform airflow.
  Negative pressure plenum surrounds contaminated positive pressure plenum; no fabric bags are used.
  Dual, long-life ULPA filters (per IEST-RP-CC001.3), for supply and exhaust airflow.
  Ergonomically angled front improves reach and comfort.



  Frameless, shatterproof motorized sash is easier to clean, offers larger, unobstructed viewing area.
  Multi-piece tray components which lift and remove to provide easy access encourage surface decontamination and are autoclavable.
  The front sash is motorized for convenient one touch operation.
  Raised airflow grille maintains safety by preventing blockage.
  Transparent side windows, angled front, and reduced noise levels combine to create the most comfortable, well-lit cabinet in Esco's range.
  Esco ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial surface on all painted surfaces minimizes contamination.



Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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