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Eurotherm 3200 Temperature/Process Controllers

  QuickStart set-up enabling 'out of the box' operation
  Expert configuration via PC wizard with online help
  Quick and easy commissioning - no need for expert knowledge
  Clear information of process with scrolling, custom messages
  Custom alarm messages for easy understanding
  Recipe selection from operator interface
  Internal timer and setpoint programming
  Instant indication of heater faults with integral ammeter
  Remote setpoint - solution for multi-zone applications

The innovative range of 3200 controllers offer precision control of temperature and other process variables together with a host of advanced features not normally found in this class of controller.

The emphasis is on simplicity and ease of use. A simple 'QuickStart' code can be used to configure all the functions essential for controlling your process. This includes input sensor type, measurement range, control options and alarms - making 'Out of the Box' operation truly achievable. If you prefer, you can specify what you need at point of order and we will ship the unit preconfigured to your requirements.

In operator mode every parameter has a scrolling text message describing its function and is available in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. More advanced features are configured using iTools, a PC based configuration wizard which is easy to use and an instructive guide to all the functions in the controller.

Heater current monitoring

A current transformer input provides display of the heater current and a health check on the load. Partial load failure, heater open circuit and SSR faults are detected and displayed as scrolling alarm messages as well as providing an alarm output. On the 3208 and 3204 a front panel ammeter displays the heater current.

Setpoint programmer

Heat treatment profiles can be programmed using the 8-segment programmer. Holdback, at the beginning of each segment, can be used to guarantee the soak periods. A digital event output can be triggered in any segment to initiate actions within the process.

Custom text messaging

Custom messages can be created with the iTools wizard and downloaded to the 3200 to display when an event, alarm or process condition occurs. This provides the operator with good visibility of the status of the process.

Remote setpoint

An option exists for the 3200 to have a Remote Analogue Input. This can be either volts or mA and is used to allow the setpoint to be generated by a master controller or PLC.


  Plastic extrusion
  Hot runner
  Ovens & chillers
  Stress relieving
  Thermal forming


  8 Segment programmer
  Heater failure detection
  Internal timer
  Scrolling text messages
  Modbus comms
  Modbus SP retransmission
  Analog retransmission
  Remote setpoint
  Help text

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Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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