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Eurotherm T640 Integrated Loop Processor

  Micro DCS configurable controller
  Multiple network support
  High speed peer-to-peer communications
  RS422 option supporting Bisynch (binary) protocol and Modbus
  SFC / GRAFCET to IEC61131-3
  Up to four loops
  IP65 panel mounting seal
  Multi-language support

The T640 is in itself a range of controllers. In its simplest form, the controller is supplied with a suite of pre-configured, documented, single and dual loop control structures which only require parameterization. In its most advanced form, it is a multi-purpose four loop controller configured for continuous control using a powerful set of function blocks supported by SFC for applications requiring sequential or state dependent control.

Micro DCS

The power of the T640 makes it a complete, self-contained control system. The 2.5Mbit/sec peer-to-peer communications allows groups of instruments to be interconnected without the need for any other components to co-ordinate their activity. The protocol on the peer-to-peer network and the function block architecture are shared with the other members of the network making it simple to integrate T640s into larger systems.

Structured Architecture

The block structured architecture, supported by graphical configuration tools (Project Studio 2000), makes complex continuous control strategies easy to develop and maintain. Moreover, LINtools has a powerful Sequential Function Chart editor (SFC/ GRAFCET) based on IEC61131-3 standard which allows integration of sequence control with the continuous control database.

Front Panel

The front panel layout follows the NAMUR convention minimizing the requirement for operator training. Supplementary displays can be used for loop identification or general messaging and an area on the front panel gives an overview of all the control loops.


  Chemical Reactors
  Glass Furnaces

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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